Pay As You Go for electricity and gas

As the name suggests, Pay As You Go lets you buy your electricity or gas as you use it, instead of running up monthly or quarterly bills. Many customers find this makes it easier to budget for buying electricity and gas alongside other household bills.

How it works

You will be provided with a key for your electricity meter or a gas card for your gas meter. These devices are unique to you and your meters. You top up the key or card with credit at Post Offices and PayPoint outlets.

For more information you can view our Prepayment Customer charter online.

What are the benefits of Prepayment?

Paying as you go usually works out cheaper than our quarterly billed cash tariffs, but that’s only one of the benefits of Prepayment. You can also look forward to:

  • In most cases, it won't be necessary to wait in for us to reset your meter. This can be done automatically using a new key of your 8 digit RTI (Remote Token Issue reference number)
  • Being able to budget for your energy use (and, in comparison to other payment methods, there’s less risk of building up a debt which could be a problem for you in the future)
  • More accurate billing since meter readings are picked up each time you purchase credit and add it to the meter – what’s more, your tariff is updated at the first vend after any price change
  • Meter debt settings can be reset remotely
  • If you agree to pay back a debt via your electricity key meter or gas prepayment meter, we can send the debt settings out to the meter
  • Setting up your own personal Online Account, which allows you to order new devices and resolve certain meter errors without the need to contact us. Register here
  • If you pay off all, or part of, your debt by some other method, by sending in a cheque or by card payment over the phone for example, we can send out a message to the meter via your electricity key or gascard to adjust the debt settings
  • Less risk of payments going to the wrong account since each key only works in its own meter
  • Friendly Non Disconnect Service – your meter won’t cut off overnight between each period of 6pm and 9am Monday to Saturday or all day Sunday if there’s credit on it at the start of the period. These times may vary depending which area of the country you live in. Please contact us for further details of times in your area.
  • Convenience of home vending – you may be able to top up your electricity key from the comfort of your own home using a PC and PowerPod. Find out more about our “In Home Pay As You Go service.

Pay As You Go Help

If you are having issues, or have questions about your Pay As You Go service, please view our help guides

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Manage your account online

Order new devices and resolve certain meter errors without the need to contact us.