Smart meters

The smart metering national rollout

By the end of 2020, around 50 million smart meters will be fitted in over 26 million households across Scotland, England and Wales. This will be one of the biggest single energy related projects completed.

Smart Energy GB is an organisation that has been put in place to tell the British energy customer about smart meters. They are here to support us to make sure consumers understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to get the full benefits.

Your smart energy future is coming

ScottishPower are looking to install a small volume of smart meters across 2015, to test customer experience and to ensure the overall smart meter technology works as it should. We plan to move to wide-scale installation during 2016, when the new generation smart meters become available.

We remain committed to ensuring that we roll out smart meters efficiently whilst making sure our customers enjoy the benefits that smart meters will bring. That’s why we are installing a small volume of smart meters across 2015, to let us test aspects of our installation approach prior to our mass rollout commencing 2016. Our strategy for smart meters is underpinned by our ethos to ‘do it once and do it right’.

There is no need to contact ScottishPower about smart meters right now, as we will be installing small volumes across 2015. We will get in touch with you when installations are about to start in your area.

Why smart meters?

The Government announced that smart meters play a key part in delivering the UK’s carbon reduction target by helping towards the reduction of the UK’s overall energy use by 3%. For more information please view the Government's smart meter pages.


What are smart meters?

Smart meters will replace your existing gas and electricity meters and will:

  • Provide readings of your energy usage every day
  • Allow readings to be sent automatically, helping us provide more accurate bills
  • Ensure your information is secure as the data is encrypted
  • Enable energy costs to be displayed on the In Home Display or your favourite device

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What will your smart meter do for you?

When the new smart meter is installed in your property you can relax knowing that your bills will be calculated using more accurate meter readings. Information about your energy use is automatically sent to ScottishPower without you having to lift a finger or open a cupboard. And guess what, we no longer need to send anyone round to take meter readings. It’s all done for you.

Once you get a smart meter you should get the following benefits:

  • Real time information - energy use in pounds and pence
  • More control - helping you make better choices on your energy use
  • More accurate bills – the smart meter will send information to your supplier on how much energy you have used, so no more estimated bills.
  • No waiting in for the meter reader – but some visits from your supplier may still be necessary to check the meter is working properly and for safety checks.
  • Change from a prepayment to a credit meter - or vice versa, without needing to have your meter changed.
  • A smart energy display – which shows how much energy you’re using at any one time and the ability to compare against previous periods.
  • Could help you save money – by knowing what you use and which appliances use the most energy, you may be able to reduce energy usage and save money.

Some of these benefits will be experienced immediately, others will build up over time and as the technology evolves.