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You may have heard that changes are happening in the energy market. Whether you're a business or home energy customer, we want to explain how ScottishPower is implementing some of the key changes and what they mean for you.

At ScottishPower we're trying to make energy a bit less complicated. We want to make your home energy choices clear and simple and we’re committed to making it easier for you to deal with us.

Simpler choices

We've reduced the number of tariffs we offer which is intended to make it easier for you to find the best ScottishPower tariff for you.

Each tariff has a straightforward Standing Charge (to cover the costs of servicing your energy account) and a unit rate (pence per kWh).

Whether you’d like our best price today, long-term certainty on prices, or variable prices, it’s up to you. It only takes a few minutes to choose a ScottishPower tariff to suit you.

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Clearer information

We know energy bills can be complicated which is why we have changed our bills to try to make them clearer and simpler.

We've made sure that the most important information you need to know is easy to find and understand, for example, what you've paid, what you owe and a summary of the energy you’ve used. We'll also tell you on every bill our cheapest available tariff and an estimate of how much you could save by switching to this or if your tariff is currently cheaper than our available tariffs.

Making sure you have all the information you need is our aim.

There are also new tools being introduced to help you compare our tariffs. We want to help make sure you have the information from ScottishPower you need to make the right energy choice for you.

Tariff Information Label (TIL)

This is a simple table that summarises the key features of each tariff all in one place.

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Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR)

Allow you to quickly compare tariffs across the market - similar to the annual percentage rate (APR) for credit cards.

Personal Projection

This is an estimate of your energy costs for the next 12 months. It’s based on your energy usage over the past 12 months, your tariff price, any discounts you may receive and VAT at 5%.

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Fairer treatment

We are committed to treating all our customers fairly - in the service we provide, the value for money tariffs we offer and the investments we make in your communities.

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Business energy made clearer

For business customers, we’ve also changed our bills to try to make them clearer and simpler, making it easier for customers to identify the contract end date and the latest date at which the contract can be terminated.

And to give business customers more flexibility, we’re also changing the period of time (termination window) during which you can send us a notice to terminate your fixed price period contract.

So instead of having to terminate between 90-30 days prior to your contract end date, we will now accept a written termination of a current fixed price period contract at any point before 30 days prior to the end of the contract.

For more information about these changes and to learn about other improvements we are making, download our Treating Micro Business Customers Fairly statement.

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