ScottishPower Complaints Volumes and Categories

As part of our commitment to being more open with our customers, we would like to share with you a summary of the volumes and categories of complaints we have received and resolved.

Since Q31 2014, we have received an increase in complaints as a result of migrating to our new billing system. Although this migration is now complete, we are working through the remaining technical issues to resolve as many outstanding complaints as possible, ensuring customer satisfaction when doing so. To further improve the service we provide to our customers, we have extended our opening hours and we have made a number of improvements to our website, allowing customers to get information about their account and to change products much more easily.

Complaints Received

This graph shows the total number of complaints we have received from customers in each quarter.

Complaints Received per 100K

This graph shows the total number of complaints we have received from customers per 100,000 customer accounts.

Complaints Resolved

This graph shows the total number of complaints we have successfully resolved with customer in that quarter, regardless of when the complaint was received.

Complaints Resolved per 100K

This graph shows the total number complaints we have successfully resolved with customers per 100,000 customer accounts regardless of when the complaint was received.

Complaints Resolved by end of next working day (%)

This graph shows, of the complaints received during the quarter, the percentage we have resolved to customer satisfaction by the end of the next day.

Complaints Resolved within 8 weeks (%)

This graph shows, of the complaints received during the quarter, the percentage of complaints we have resolved to customer satisfaction within 8 weeks of the complaint being identified.

Figure for Complaints Resolved within 8 weeks (%) is updated when 8 weeks have elapsed since the end of the corresponding quarter

Top 5 Complaint Reasons

For every contactwe have with you, we try to provide excellent service. However, there are times where we recognise that you are not entirely satisfied with our response, or indeed, the way we handled your enquiry. For those cases, including the ones we are able to resolve at the time you contact us, we log a customer complaint3.

By recording every case of customer dissatisfaction, we will not only provide you with a unique reference number should you ever wish to contact us again about the same matter, it affords us the information to analysis for common themes and improvement opportunities.

Please be assured, whenever we log a complaint, we will always look to resolve your individual case to your full satisfaction (see Making a Complaint)

We hope you find the information useful.



Customer Services

Payment Issues

Customer Establishment






This captures complaints primarily around the layout and content of the bill as well as the amount outstanding. Billing cases account for more than half the complaints we recorded in each of the last four quarters.

Steps to improve this:
  • We listen to customer feedback to continually review and improve the layout and design of our bill
  • We are constantly improving the ways for you to provide your meter readings, most recently by launching our new Energy App making this simple and convenient for you
  • We provide information through our Support Centre to help explain and breakdown your bill, and we continually review this based on your feedback and billing queries

Customer Services

This category covers the feedback we receive from you about service levels when they contact us and it also covers your experience when speaking with our agents about our services and products.

We work hard to deliver a high standard of service and our agents work hard to deliver an excellent customer experience with every contact.

Steps  to improve this:
  • We have made it easier for you to contact us by improving our opening times, we are available from Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm and Saturday 8.30am - 6pm, providing the longest opening hours in the sector
  • We also display our call waiting times online, making it easier for you to either stay on the line, call back later or request a call back
  • There is a continuous focus and review around complaint identification and improvements, we keep the spotlight on complaints to ensure that these can be resolved fully to the customer's full satisfaction
  • We are helping you to take control of your energy with our new Energy App, enabling you to enter meter reads, view bills, track consumption and arrange a call back at a time that suits you

Payment Issues

This captures all complaints relating to payment plans, whether that is the value or the method of payment, a change in their consumption, a change in personal circumstances or following a price change.

Steps  to improve this:
  • For Direct Debit customers, we proactively monitor the level of payment against the energy used each quarter to keep them on track and help prevent them from building up a debt
  • We have enhanced our self-serve options for our online customers, they can view their accounts online, enter readings, produce bills and review payments to ensure they are paying enough for their consumption
  • Prepayment customers with a computer and internet access can top up with credit from the comfort of their own home with our 'In Home' Pay As You Go service - a faster and easier way to pay

Customer Establishment

This category is used to capture all identified complaints around the establishing of new accounts for customers.


Steps to improve this:
  • Our award winning welcome cycle has transformed our new customer experience through an integrated set of multi-media communications, including a personalised web page for each customer ensuring all the information we provide is relevant to you
  • We continue to review and alter our product offering based on customer feedback and regulatory requirements, making it easier and simpler to establish new accounts with us


This category covers customer feedback for all activities relating to meters, including appointments to their homes to read or change their meter.

We endeavour to carry out all planned metering visits, but regrettably sometimes due to circumstances out with our control, for example, bad weather, road traffic delays; we are not always able to attend.

Steps  to improve this:
  • We are continually looking at ways to improve our metering processes, with regular training and up-skilling of our engineers
  • On the quality of meters, we regularly conduct tests on all meter types to ensure our suppliers are providing equipment that is fit-for-purpose
  • For the future, and with a view to cut down on the number of times we have to schedule appointments, we are planning on installing 'smart' meters for all of our customers across the UK by 2019



Complaints and concerns Received

Complaints and concerns received per 100k customer accounts per 100k

Complaints and concerns resolved

Complaints Resolved per 100k customer accounts

% resolved same or next working day

% resolved within 8 weeks4

Q2 2016







Q3 2016







Q4 2016







Q1 2017







1 Q1 = January to March; Q2 = April to June; Q3 = July to September; Q4 = October to December
2 A customer contact can be by telephone, by e-mail, in writing, web-form
We have interpreted a customer complaint as any indication of dissatisfaction in line with our definition of what a complaint is, i.e. ScottishPower will log any contact as a complaint when a customer tells us that they are unhappy with our service or products, regardless of whether or not we are able to resolve their issue at the time of contacting us.
4Figure for Complaints Resolved within 8 weeks (%) is updated when 8 weeks have elapsed since the end of the corresponding quarter.