Putting things right for our customers

YourEnergy is our priority - for us, this means treating our customers fairly and putting them in control of their energy use. It also means that we will work to put things right when we don't meet these standards. This is why we have publicly apologised to our customers for our customer service and committed to clear improvements. You can see our performance against these improvements in the pages below.

Complaints let us know where we are going wrong and what we can do to make things better. We record every expression of dissatisfaction as a complaint. You can see our performance in handling complaints below.

We strive to resolve customer complaints to their satisfaction; however where we are unable to do this, the customer can refer their complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. We should implement any remedies required by the Ombudsman within 28 days of the ruling, but due to technical issues experienced towards the end of 2014 as a result of our new system implementation, we had seen an increased number of cases where over 28 days had passed. In November 2014, we made a public commitment that we would ensure that we had zero Ombudsman cases outstanding after 28 days and by the end of November 2014 and we achieved that goal. Where we are unable to fully complete any aspect of a customer's Ombudsman remedy due to a technical issue, we have committed, as an interim remedy, to write off the customer's bill in full and will not charge that customer for any energy consumed between that point and the point at which we are fully able to resolve their issue.

In April 2015, the Ombudsman introduced a new Remedy Implementation Policy and, whilst we continue to write off the customer’s energy charges in the required circumstances, we now formally report those that exceed 28 days. This is shown on the chart from May 2015 onwards and is reported as “interim remedies”. The new policy also allows for ‘exceptional circumstances’ where a case can't be closed within 28 days, as further action needs to be taken which is beyond the control of the supplier. This will apply, for example, if we have tried to contact a customer to complete our actions, but been unable to; or where a metering appointment is required but can't be completed within the 28 days. From 1st January 2016 we have included these exceptional circumstances cases in the figures shown below, to give full transparency of the number of cases we are working on which are over 28 days.

*These volumes are based on ScottishPower internal reports, which are periodically reconciled with Ombudsman data.

  • Ombudsman remedies > 28 days

    All figures are reported as at month end.

  • Complaints received (per 100k)

    Total number of complaints we have received from customers per 100,000 customer accounts.

  • Total complaints received

    This graph shows the total number of complaints we have received from customers in each quarter.

  • Complaints resolved

    Total number of complaints we have successfully resolved with customers in that quarter, regardless of when the complaint was received.

  • Complaints resolved (per 100k)

    Total number of complaints we have successfully resolved with customers per 100,000 customer accounts, regardless of when the complaint was received.

  • Complaints resolved by end of next working day (%)

    The percentage of complaints we have successfully resolved with customers by the end of the next day from when their complaint was first identified.

  • Complaints resolved within 8 weeks (%)

    The percentage of complaints we have successfully resolved with customers within 8 weeks from when their complaint was first identified.

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We always aim to issue bills on time, but sometimes we can't do this. More recently, the move to our new billing system has meant that we have had to work harder to enable us to send bills to some customers. The graph below shows the number of late bills that we have outstanding at the end of each month. We were aiming to get to no more than 30,000 late bills by the end of December 2014. We are now working to reduce this number even further.

Overdue live bills 2017/2018

Billing and payment issues

We are introducing a number of improvements to help reduce the number of late bills issued, including increasing the number of staff that we have working to issue bills and we are also updating a number of processes in our systems. We always aim to issue the majority of bills to actual meter readings rather than estimated.

We have also introduced some different ways to help you take control of YourEnergy, including our new Direct Debit Manager tool, which allows you to control your monthly Direct Debit payment. You will also find improved ways to help you self-serve through our website.

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We know that one of our customers' biggest concerns is their ability to contact us. We do what we can to answer all calls as quickly as possible and to speak to every customer who tries to call us. We are working hard to answer calls faster and ensure that every customer can reach the right person when they call. The graphs below show our progress.

In particular, we were working to answer calls in an average 120 seconds by the end of January 2015, and to ensure that the number of customers who can't get through doesn't worsen. Going forward, we will do what we can to better this target.

  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA)
    Our target: 60 - 120 secs

    Average speed that it takes for a customer to get through to one of our agents (seconds) – average year to date

Call answering time bands (%)

Call answering time bands (Volume)

Customer Services

It is important to us that we do all that we can to make it easier for our customers to contact us. For that reason we are continuing to increase the number of staff available to answer your contacts. We have also increased our opening hours to some of the longest in the industry, which means that you can be more flexible in when to contact us. And all of our contact numbers are free from a landline or low cost from a mobile.

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