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    Future of Energy – Distributed Energy 02/08/2016

    I've previously talked about the impact that digitalisation is having on the energy industry and how at ScottishPower, we are harnessing the opportunity that this gives us to make energy choices easier and more controllable for our customers.

    The other key game changer in the energy sector is the growing emergence and declining cost of distributed energy technologies, such as Solar PV with battery storage. The addition of a battery means that, for the first time customers can store some of the electricity generated from their solar panels for use at a later time. This provides the potential for reducing electricity bills by more than simply solar panels alone.

    An increasing number of homes and businesses alike are using distributed generation to lower costs and improve their energy efficiency giving them even more choice and control over both how they use and generate energy.

    While customers are making these new choices, the basic need of having always-on access to affordable energy is still at the core of energy supply. ScottishPower’s reliable energy network is vital for the ongoing provision of basic energy needs as well as being able to support the growing volume of customers choosing to invest in distributed generation.

    Our networks are the glue that enables distributed energy to work effectively and efficiently, moving surplus energy from one location to another to manage the delay between real time demand and generation.

    And at ScottishPower we are continuing to invest in our networks with Smart technology to make it even easier to facilitate distributed energy and other energy choices for our customers in the future.