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Digital innovation - making managing your energy easier24/12/2015

Coming to the end of another year, I’m excited to be able to tell you about some of the new things we have developed at ScottishPower for our customers, both on our website and on the ScottishPower YourEnergy App. Today over 60% of our customers regularly use our website and over 300,000 customers have also downloaded our app.

We want to help make managing your energy as easy as possible and for many customer this means being able to do more online. Our online customers are already able to enter meter reads, create their bills and compare how much energy they’ve used this year compared to last year. We’re now able to show customers how much energy they use monthly, by season combined with their billing intervals.

You can now also change tariffs instantly online in just a couple of clicks and with no cost. Over 10,000 customers a week now use this easy function on our website and app to view our tariffs and find the best deal for them.

We’ve also made it possible to change your Direct Debit amount online and this function has been used over 200,000 times by our customers since it was first introduced. If you enter an up to date meter read, we will recommend a monthly Direct Debit amount for you to pay but you can adjust this amount at any time making it higher or lower – it’s a simple way to stay in control of your monthly payments.

And this week, we launched our latest online option, which allows you to request a refund online if we owe you money. If your account balance is still in credit after entering meter reads, you can request a refund which will be paid directly into your bank account – within 5 days.

We are continually making improvements to our service including improving our online functionality so that you can easily manage every aspect of your account online if you choose to. I’ll be talking a little more about how we are continuing to make things easier for our customers in my next blog.