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    Future Energy 04/05/2016

    With powerful technologies making their way into our everyday lives and homes, we can be certain that the future of energy will look very different to how it is today. Emerging technology and digital innovations such as smart meters and connected homes will change the way we control, use and save energy and I want to use this opportunity to explain ScottishPower’s view on the future of energy, and to bring to life our plans and our investments for our customers.

    But first – let’s ask ourselves the question: why is energy changing? Traditionally, the energy industry hasn’t moved very rapidly – the principle of a power plant generating electricity, sending it down wires and into customers’ homes, then customers receiving a paper bill to pay for the power they use, has been a stable model for at least 50 years. But this is changing. Customer choice and behaviour is starting to drive the energy agenda more than ever. And this is being driven by 2 things:

    • Digitalisation: the growth of customers managing all of their interactions through digital channels (which I’ve touched upon in a previous blog)
    • Distributed Generation: more and more customers are choosing to generate and use their own energy for their homes or businesses, be that with solar panels or storage devices

    We know that customers are looking for more control over their energy and we are responding to this with innovative products and solutions to make managing energy easier for them. I am going to spend a bit of time walking through each of the above areas – digitalisation and distributed generation – in my next few blogs and hopefully by reading these blogs, you’ll start to get a picture of a company that is not just talking about the new energy future but actually doing something about it.

    We recognise that energy is changing. Many organisations may see this as a threat or a challenge, but we don’t. At ScottishPower, we are optimistic about this change and the future of energy, giving us the confidence not only to meet the needs of our customers today, but also to create a better, cleaner energy future for our customers tomorrow.