HomeComfort CashBack Terms & Conditions

1.0 The promotion consists of qualifying HomeComfort Standard Care and HomeComfort Premium Care ("HomeComfort") customers of ScottishPower receiving £30 cashback (HomeComfort Standard Care) or (HomeComfort Premium Care) (the "Promotion"). The offer is not available as part of ScottishPower’s Fixed Price Energy January 2018 tariff.

2.0 The Promotion will run, subject to paragraph 5 below, for the period from 9 October 2015 until 29 April 2016 inclusive (“Promotion Period”). The promoter is ScottishPower Energy Retail Limited (“ScottishPower”), which has its registered office at 1 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow G2 8SP.

3.0 The Promotion is only open to those who have applied for HomeComfort during the Promotion Period (“Applicant/s”) and: (i) are legal residents of Great Britain; (ii) have not previously applied for or received HomeComfort products from ScottishPower in respect of the property specified in the application (“Premise”) (the Premise must not already be registered for HomeComfort or have been registered for HomeComfort immediately prior to the Promotion Period, and that the Promotion will only be open to one Qualifying Customer per premise); (iii) whose HomeComfort policy in respect of the Premise has subsequently gone live; and (iv) to Applicants who apply online via the specified web pages that the offer is promoted. Subject to successfully meeting all of the criteria in this clause, an Applicant will become a Qualifying Customer.

4.0 The Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other cashback offer from ScottishPower or its appointed affiliate partners.

5.0 ScottishPower reserves the right to: (i) verify the eligibility of each applicant; and (ii) to reject any applications that appear to be materially incorrect or fraudulent.

Eligibility for Cashback:

6.0 The Qualifying Customer’s boiler must pass an initial inspection. ScottishPower aim to perform an initial inspection within 28 days of the policy start date.

7.0 If the Qualifying Customer cancels the agreement with ScottishPower within our 14 days Cooling Off period, there is no eligiblility for Cashback under the Promotion.

8.0 Where it is required to do so due to circumstances outside of ScottishPower's reasonable control, ScottishPower reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, and to withdraw the Promotion at any time during the Promotion Period, and in each case without notice. The Promotion Period will end at the time the Promotion is withdrawn under this paragraph 5.

9.0 Applicants' and Qualifying Customers' personal details will be used by ScottishPower for the purpose of conducting the Promotion. ScottishPower may also disclose Applicant’s personal information to any third party it engages to assist it in conducting the Promotion.

10 Cashback will be sent by cheque to the Qualifying Customer at the Qualifying Customer's billing address specified in the application approximately 6 to 12 weeks from the Qualifying Customer’s HomeComfort policy start date (“Cashback Cheque”)

11 ScottishPower accepts no responsibility for any inaccurate name or postal address information provided by a Qualifying Customer, which results in the Cashback Cheque not being received in accordance with these terms and conditions.

12 The Cashback Cheque will not be replaced in the event that it is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen after it has been received by the Qualifying Customer.

13 The Cashback Cheque must be redeemed within 6 months of date of issue, and will not be re-issued if it is not redeemed by the Qualifying Customer within this period.

14 For any queries please contact ecommerceteam@scottishpower.com