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Can my tenants call you and book appointments?

Yes, we’ll do some security checks on the account by asking for the address, postcode and your name, and then the tenant can book appointments under your contract. We’ll not discuss your contract with the tenant; they’ll only be able to book emergency or breakdown appointments.

What do I do if my system breaks down?

You or your tenant can report any faults or breakdowns via our dedicated customer helpline on 0800 111 4686 which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll respond to all breakdowns as a priority over routine services.

I’ve signed up to Landlord Boiler Care, what happens next?

We’ll aim to perform the initial inspection within 28 days from the start date for Landlord Boiler Care and within 14 days from the start date for Landlord Fast-Track Boiler Care. Where we’ve not made an appointment for the initial inspection within the stated time period, it’s your responsibility to request an initial inspection. If you don’t request an initial inspection within 90 days of the start date, we’ll carry out the initial inspection upon your first annual service and operational safety check or at your first breakdown call out (whichever is earlier). Your first Direct Debit will be taken no earlier than 14 days after the sale.

If you’ve purchased the Landlord Fast Track Boiler Care product, you’ll receive a call from us within 3 days to book in your initial inspection after which we can issue the gas safety certificate.

I’ve signed up for Landlord Boiler Care, what if I change my mind?

You have a 14 working days cooling off period, after the date of sale in which to change your mind. You’ll need to let us know by either calling us on 0800 001 5214 or using the cancellation form that can be found here.

If I sell my property, can I take Landlord Boiler Care with me?

No, if you move home you must provide us with 28 days’ notice to cancel the contract. If you sell your property and don’t notify us, we may cancel the contract immediately.

What if I don't know my boiler details?

If you’re not able to provide your boiler details e.g. don’t know the exact age of your boiler, an estimate, best to your knowledge, will suffice. If your estimate proves to be incorrect at the point of initial inspection and we can’t provide you with Landlord Boiler Care, we’ll provide you with a full refund of any payments made.

Are my gas appliances included for emergency breakdowns and repairs?

No, they’ll be checked for gas safety which will be detailed in the Gas Safety Certificate. The care element of the product only applies to the boiler and central heating system.

If my boiler fails a gas safety check, will you provide a second certificate once the boiler has been fixed?

No, unfortunately at this point we’re unable to provide a second certificate if your property fails the first one.

What's not included in Boiler Care?
  • Liquid propane gas, oil or electric boilers
  • Emergency breakdown and repair of gas appliances
  • More than 1 boiler
  • The Gas Safety Services including the Gas Safety Certificate shall only apply to one boiler and up to 5 gas appliances (fires, hobs and cookers only).
  • Any repairs that exceed the price of repairing your boiler
  • The replacement of your boiler
  • Any work where there is a health and safety risk at the premises
  • Replacing parts that are not readily available through our suppliers
  • Repairs needed as result of your own misuse, intentional damage, negligence or any damage caused by a 3rd party
  • System flushes, sludge removal, blockages*

*Further detail of exclusions is set out in the Home Services Terms and Conditions