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Boiler Care Plus
just £18.90 per month. First
4 months
half-price in
first year4

Or call us on 0800 027 4757
Lines open: Monday to Thursday 8am - 9pm, Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm

Already a Boiler Care customer? Please contact us on 0800 001 5214
Lines open: Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 5pm

Boiler Care boiler breakdown number: 0800 111 4686 open 24/7

Boiler and central heating annual service and year round care

Boiler Care Plus from ScottishPower means you can worry less about your boiler and central heating system. With an annual service and safety check by one of our qualified engineers and year round support if you have any problems with your boiler or central heating system, you’ll have more peace of mind until your next annual service. With Boiler Care Plus you’ll get all of this for only £18.90 a month. And, if you decide to take Boiler Care Plus now, the first four months are half-price in your first year4

And remember, all of the following benefits come as standard:

We meet the cost of labour and parts for any necessary repairs to your boiler and controls and we’ll look after your radiators too1


Annual boiler service and safety check
carried out by our qualified engineers5


Unlimited call outs
That's a promise. No matter how often you need us, we'll be there


24/7 emergency call centre
365 days a year


Qualified Gas Safe Registered engineers
No more stress about trying to find someone reputable


Helpful energy efficiency advice
We'll make sure your system is working at its best

Or call us on 0800 027 4757
Monday to Thursday 8am - 9pm, Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm

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If you're interested in our heating services but you already have a boiler care policy that hasn't run out yet, just let us know when you're likely to renew it and we'll let you know about our Boiler Care offers.

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If you have questions about our boiler and central heating care, please view our frequently asked questions.

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1 Subject to exclusions. See full terms and conditions for details.

3 Terms and Conditions apply. Any costs in relation to any breakdown of your boiler and controls before we have carried out our initial inspection and accepted your central heating system, and carried out your first annual service will not be covered. Subject to boiler suitability. Subject to availability. Cancellation charges may apply. Please note in addition to other cancellation rights, you or we may cancel this contract at any time by giving at least 28 days written notice. In that case we will charge you for any outstanding payments due to cover the 28 day period.

4 Offer is available to new customers in their first year only. Monthly Direct Debit of £9.45 will be collected in months 1 to 4. Monthly Direct Debit of £18.90 will be collected in months 5 to 12. Boiler Care Plus Terms and Conditions apply.
Please note that the following additions apply to the Terms and Conditions for this product:

  • with reference to paragraph 6.1(a), your first direct debit payment will be in respect of the first month of your boiler and radiator care.
  • Offer price will be applied for the first 4 months of the contract. If, however, you cancel the contract within the first 12 months of the contract then cancellation charges may apply. Please see paragraphs 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 of the Terms and Conditions for more information on these charges.

5 Subject to boiler suitability. If you cancel the agreement within 3 months of the initial inspection or annual service and operational safety check being carried out, we may apply a cancellation fee of up to £50. If you cancel the agreement within 6 months of a repair being carried out on your central heating system, we may apply a cancellation fee of up to £100.

* These charges will be amended if there is a change in the VAT rate at any time by an amount equivalent to the applicable change in the VAT rate.