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Our aim is to help you understand your energy needs, save on your energy costs and operate more sustainably. We have dedicated Energy Managers covering the whole of the UK.


Energy Analysis

The first step to cutting energy costs is understanding where it’s being used, and what it’s being used for. Surprisingly, many businesses do not know where to obtain this information.

The ScottishPower Energy Analysis solves this problem by providing metered energy use data at half-hourly intervals.

Energy analysis benefits

  • Fully online service - lets you easily monitor when and where electricity is being used
  • 24-hour coverage - so you can see how much energy you use out-of-hours too
  • Helps you identify energy consumption patterns - so you can start work on cutting your energy costs
  • Can cover multiple sites - letting you compare their usage side-by-side
  • Powerful analysis tools - to analyse usage at different times of the day and find likely costs for chosen periods

The analysis is an effective way to understand how your property consumes energy and gives you the information you need to start making savings. This data is available on a day +1 basis


Energy Surveys

If your business is using more energy than it needs but you can’t identify the areas where you can make the most savings, you need an Energy Survey.

Tap into our expertise and let our experienced energy auditors pinpoint the areas where you can make the greatest improvements.

Energy survey benefits

  • Personalised survey report - outlines your current energy use and suggests practical changes you can make
  • Large and small impact recommendations - with estimated costs and savings
  • Highlights no cost and low cost measures - you can carry out

If you decide to implement any of our recommendations we can also provide full turnkey solutions that include design, implementation and commissioning.


Energy Projects

Identified energy saving works for your business, but need a firm price and a reliable project manager?

ScottishPower Energy Solutions undertakes a wide range of projects, from Power Factor Correction to full lighting schemes. Our experience and know-how could help take a load off your mind. We can then manage the project from design through to installation and commissioning

Energy projects benefits

Let ScottishPower Energy Solutions manage your project, freeing yourself to concentrate on your business. We’ll manage any third-party project contractors, keep you informed and work to agreed timescales. In short, we aim to provide you with an end to end solution you can rely on.

Case Studies by real customers


Noddsdale Hydro

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Noddsdale Hydro is a small hydroelectric station in the west of Scotland. As a half-hourly metered customer, they pay charges for their Authorised Supply Capacity (ASC). It’s impo...

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G1 Group

Energy analysis

G1 Group had a site in Perth - the former Sportster's Bar (now Harry's) - which was temporarily empty. The company was concerned that their monthly bills were showing a higher electricity con...

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Automatic Monitoring and Targeting

OKI's Cumbernauld site had a large number of sub-meters installed. This helped the company better understand the site's electricity usage by monitoring the consumption of individual ci...

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Robeslee Concrete

Energy analysis

Robeslee Concrete produces precast concrete for the construction industry. The site operates during normal business hours on weekdays, but certain processes are left running to take advantage...

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Case Study
Helping Liverpool City Council better manage their energy

ScottishPower supplies energy to Liverpool City Council (LCC)

Our energy supply partnership agreement also includes a comprehensive energy solutions service. This can help LCC building owners, and managers to understand their energy needs, save on energy costs and operate more sustainably. The agreement covers all LCC departments.

What we offer

ScottishPower Energy Solutions offers a full service, from initial site visit to chargeable energy survey, technical proposals, design, installation and commissioning.

Working with LCC we’ve established a Decarbonisation Delivery Panel to assess the LCC building portfolio and identify the best strategy for delivering carbon savings. We’ve already carried out a high level desktop analysis of many LCC buildings, and have completed a number of projects at a variety of locations. Some information about these projects is included here.

savings of

savings of

Liverpool City Council Aquatics Centre

  • Electricity savings of c.25%
  • Gas savings of c.40%

These savings were achieved through optimisation of the building management system and involved a range of improvements, including:

  • Set-points – optimising energy use by making sure equipment wasn’t unnecessarily ‘overworked’
  • Presence detectors – to ensure that unused areas aren’t lit
  • Re-calibration and re-commissioning – making sure that sensors and detectors were working as intended
  • Software optimisation – to create a system where the software and hardware elements of the building management system worked effectively as a complete unit for maximum savings

One Stop Shop

We’re currently involved in a small project with One Stop Shops. These venues generally have a low energy consumption so there are fewer opportunities for savings. We have been trying to prove the value of a ‘last person out’ switch. When staff leave at night, they activate the switch which ensures that all non-essential kit is switched off.

The initial results are promising and we expect to see some savings over the longer term.


Energy Solutions visited six schools in Liverpool, mainly to asses the operation of their heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems and identify any potential savings.

While on site, we gathered information about the existing equipment to create an accurate inventory. We checked and updated settings to optimise equipment performance. Savings were made from the day of the survey by making adjustments to various holiday, seasonal and general operational settings.

“Through our Energy Supply Partnership we are able to work closely with SP to ensure that we are working towards our carbon reduction targets in a structured manner. We have already delivered significant savings through various carbon reduction initiatives and would like to deliver far more.”

Brendan Purcell

Energy & Carbon Manager, Liverpool City Council

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*KwH savings achieved between 1st April 2013 - 31st March 2014