Understanding YourEnergy

At ScottishPower, YourEnergy is our priority and we’re working hard to help give you more control, trying to make your energy – and your bill – a little simpler. Please read this information carefully.

We want to make your energy bill clearer to assist with your transition to Half Hourly so we have made changes to help you understand the energy you use.

Please select a bill type

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Simply fixed


In this section of your bill you will find details of standing charges, unit rates and the total number of units (kWh) consumed within your day and night period.

Simply A


In this section of your bill you will find an itemised list of any levies which may apply to the electricity you consume. This section also details the type of levy; if you are entitled to any relief from any levies, it will detail by how much; it will show how much energy each levy is applied to as well as the total cost of any levies.

Simply B


VAT will be calculated at the applicable rate(s) for your business and detailed in full.

Simply C

Total amount

The total amount due for the invoice.

Simply D

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