Introducing your Commercial Energy portal

We understand that in business, time is precious. We're always looking for ways to help make managing your energy more convenient for you, that's why we've introduced a new Commercial Energy portal.

Once you register for the new online portal, you'll be able to:

  • View your consumption
  • View your bills
  • Find your contract details
  • Add new business sites
  • View multiple sites, all in one place.

It's simple to register and you'll be able to take greater control of your energy.


All in one place

Access all of your energy information in the one portal, including consumption data, consumption graphs, billing information and contract details. This makes managing your business energy easier.

View bills

View your bills at site level and overall account level, helping you keep up to date with your latest invoices and even an option to download or print up to 12 months of bills.

Consumption data

View consumption graphs which can help you track your energy usage and even download your consumption data.

Contract details

Whether you have one site, or multiple sites, you will now be able to view your contract details.



If you're a customer, registration is quick and easy. All you need is your meter point administration number (MPAN), your contractual address post code and current offer ID which can be found on your offer letter.

Consultant or Broker

If you're a Consultant or Broker, you'll need your company name and company registration number - we will also request a telephone number and email address to complete your setup.

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Further help

View our 'how to' guide

We have a simple guide to help show you the benefits of the Commercial Energy portal.

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