Introducing Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response is an alternative solution to balancing our energy system that offers the potential for financial rewards to businesses to change, flex or shift their electricity demand to alternative sources.

  • Change
    Time of use - changing schedules to avoid periods of system constraint
  • Flex
    Temporary, short term reductions in demand
  • Shift
    Shifting demand from the grid onto on site generation

Why Demand Side Response?

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Demand Side Response and the changing UK energy system

As we move towards a low carbon economy, it’s predicted that demand will grow rapidly as we increasingly rely on electricity to power our transport and heating. We’ll consume more electricity, at different times of day and in different ways, from heating our homes and businesses to powering electric vehicles.

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Creating a cleaner energy future

To meet our changing energy needs and the UK’s climate change goals, the UK Government has set challenging targets to phase out fossil fuel generation and increase the proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources. While solar and wind generation methods are cleaner, they are intermittent; they still rely on the sun shining and the wind blowing.

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Balancing Demand

We need to balance the energy system on a second by second basis and as we move from large scale centralised production to renewable energy sources, we cannot balance the system the way we currently do by ramping fossil fuel plants up and down.

Demand Side Response offers an alternative solution to the intermittency of renewable energy sources and meeting the UK's capacity needs during periods of peak demand.

Benefits of Demand Side Response

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Financial benefits

Participating in Demand Side Response schemes such as Triad Management and the Capacity Market can help your business reduce energy costs and create potential revenue streams by monetising your existing assets.

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Using flexible demand to meet peak demand period means Nations Grid can avoid switching fossil fuel plants on and off to balance the system. Participating in a Demand Side Response scheme could enhance your business’ green credentials whilst helping the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets.

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Business resilience

Many items of plant and equipment have the potential to generate revenue and avoid peak charges. When connected to your assets, Demand Side Response analytics tools can help you keep on top of the performance of your equipment, leading to greater understanding of future maintenance requirements.

Our Demand Side Response products

Our Demand Side Response opportunities include:

Our approach

Our approach is simple. Our experienced team provides energy analysis, technical recommendations and solutions tailored to your business.


We will analyse your energy patterns and provide a tailored commercial illustration of the potential revenue and savings opportunity for your business.


We will undertake a site survey, reviewing the flexibility of existing assets including standby generation and controls.


We will supply a full proposal. Our commercial framework can include the funding of the survey and the installation of hardware to help deliver your flexibility.


We will manage the whole process from installation through to testing and commissioning.


We will work with you on an ongoing basis to help you maximise savings, revenue and development opportunities across your portfolio.

The Utility of the Future

A single energy partner you can trust

 Our track record

As one of the UK’s largest energy companies, ScottishPower has a well-established track record of balancing markets and unlocking value within our own assets and those of our industrial and commercial customers.

 Our expertise

As your Demand Side Response partner, we’ll take a full view of your energy requirements and assets. Our dedicated team will combine energy analysis with our technical expertise to develop a single energy solution tailored to your business’s individual needs that unlock the value within your industrial and commercial assets.

 Our support

And we won’t stop there. Beyond installation, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your solution is tailored to meet the operational, technical and financial requirements of your business.

 Our experience

Our experience in the automated dispatch of energy assets gives us an edge when it comes to delivering real value for your business. As our Demand Side Response partner, you’ll benefit from the expertise of ScottishPower’s Operational Trading team.

Learn more about how we've helped many large businesses reduce energy costs and create potential revenue streams by monetising their existing assets.

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