• Electricity
    Fixed Price

    • Available to all customers
    • Know exactly what prices you'll pay for your energy
    • No energy price increases
    • Transparent pricing

    3 products to choose from

  • Electricity
    Flexible Price

    • For customers using 10GWh
    • Analyse your buying strategy
    • Transparent pricing
    • Control

    One product to choose from

  • Electricity
    Standard Variable

    • Prices can vary at any time
    • No fixed contract length

    One product to choose from

Why choose ScottishPower?

At ScottishPower we believe our job is more than just to bring you your energy. It’s also about making your commercial energy choices clear and simple, making managing your energy as convenient as it should be, and helping your business be as energy efficient as possible.

  • Energy Solutions advice
  • Energy Efficiency Surveys
  • A Range of Products to Suit Your Needs
  • Experienced Account Management Team
  • Online Portal