ScottishPower Connect

Remote heating control - A new way you could save energy

How it works

Quick Installation

The installation of your new ScottishPower Connect device will be taken care of by a professional, fully trained engineer in around 60 minutes. If compatible, the device will work in unison with your existing heating system, which our engineer will demonstrate how to use, meaning minimal disruption to you.

You're in control

After your installation is complete, you'll be able to boost your heating or hot water or put it on hold with our Energy App whether you're at home or on the go. You can even check the temperature inside your house at a glance.

Get the app

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Set your schedule & temperature

You can create a schedule for when you want your heating or hot water to go on or off via the App or the ScottishPower Connect Hub.

The hub has a built in thermostat, so once you set a desired temperature, the heating will turn off once it reaches that level, and will only come back on if the room temperature falls below it.

10° 10° Mild


You can choose to boost your heating for a chosen amount of time. It means that you can always make sure your home is warm on your return.


If you're taking a trip you can set the number of days you're away to make sure you're not heating empty rooms.
This won't affect your schedule.


Delay your schedule with the hold option. And if your plans should change, you can just cancel the hold and go back to your normal schedule.