Switching supplier

We're sorry you're leaving ScottishPower. If you are switching to another supplier, they'll handle the switch for you. Please make sure you continue paying for your energy until the switch is complete (i.e. don't cancel your Direct Debit), so there is no debt on your account, as otherwise this can slow the switching process.

Supplier change timeline

The supplier change timeline is standardised across all suppliers, so everyone follows the same process.

You apply to move your energy to a new supplier.

Week 1
Your new supplier contacts us to initiate transfer. The opening meter reads you provide to them become your closing reads with us.

Week 3
Your energy supply will leave us.

Week 7
We'll send your final bill to you. 1

Total time from application to receiving a refund = 11 weeks 3

I'm in Debit
(You owe us)

Week 9
Your outstanding balance is due 14 days after we issue your bill. 2

I'm in Credit
(We owe you)

Week 11
If your new supplier has provided actual meter reads to us, we'll issue your refund. 3

If the readings have been estimated, call us to finalise the transfer, and we'll issue any refunds due.

Switching advice

  • Take the time to provide meter readings to your new supplier as doing this will ensure your final bill with us is correct. Amending an incorrect final bill could extend the time it takes to finalise your account by up to 28 days.
  • We would prefer to refund any credit you may have direct to your bank account, however, we will not be able to do this if you cancel your Direct Debit. Please leave your direct debit active until you receive your final refund, otherwise we'll have to send it by cheque.