Energy efficiency toolkit

Energy efficiency top tips


Estimated saving per year based on a family of four sharing a 3 bedroom semi-detached home



Set your heating to only come on in rooms where you need it, by using your radiator controls.



Try taking one minute off your shower and fit aerating showerheads and tap inserts*.

*normally provided free of charge by your water company.




Only boil what you need in the kettle.

Wash dishes in a basin, instead of under a running tap.

Fully load your washing machine and wash at 30°C.

Only have the heating come on when you need it, by using your boiler programmer.

Fully load your dish washer and use the Eco setting.



Living room

Turn out the lights when not in use.

Set your thermostat between 18°C to 21°C.

*savings estimate based on turning down gas heating from 22 to 21°C.

Switch off appliances when not in use and avoid standby.




Line dry your clothes, especially in the summer.




Look out for the EU energy label

The EU energy label shows the energy efficiency rating of different products.
Previously the top rating was an 'A' but now some types of products can achieve an A++ or A+++ rating.


Estimated savings are based on a family of 4 sharing a 3 bedroom semi-detached home (Energy Saving Trust, April 2016).
For expert and impartial free advice on reducing your fuel bills, saving energy and making your home more comfortable visit or call: England and Wales - The Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 (charged as a national rate call). Scotland - Scottish Government's Home Energy hotline on 0808 808 2282 (calls are free).

Information supplied by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.
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