Feed In Tariff glossary


  • Central FIT Register (CFR) - Ofgem administered system that holds the details of all registered FIT Generators.


  • Export Meter - An export meter is only required for larger installations (greater than 30kw), the meter will measure the amount of electricity your installation exports back to the national grid.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - Energy Performance Certificates are provided by accredited energy assessors, and are used to confirm how energy efficient your home/business is. They also provide information on how your property can improve energy efficiency and so reduce carbon emissions.
  • EPC Exemption Letter - An EPC Exemption Letter is provided by an accredited energy assessor, where the assessor finds that your property cannot be assessed for an EPC Certificate.
  • Export Tariff - The rate you will be paid for each unit of electricity generated from your FIT installation, which is then exported back to the grid.


  • Feed-in Tariff (FIT) - The scheme introduced by the UK Government to encourage the general public to generate / export their own low carbon electricity.


  • Generation Meter - A meter that is fitted with your installation (e.g. Solar Panels), and is used to measure the amount of electricity generated by your installation. Generation Tariff - The rate you will be paid for each unit of electricity generated from your FIT installation.
  • Generator - (a) In relation to an Accredited FIT installation, the person identified as the Owner in the Central FIT Register; and (b) In relation to any other Eligible Installation, the Owner (whether or not that person is also operating or intending to operate the Eligible Installation).


  • Installed Capacity - The installed capacity is the maximum amount of electricity that a system can produce when operating at its maximum capacity. This is measured in kW or MW and should be stated with the technical specification of the generator.


  • kWh (kilowatt hour) - A single unit of electricity.
  • Kilowatt (Kw) - One thousand watts.


  • Megawatt (MW) - One thousand kilowatts.
  • Micro Combined Heat and Power unit (mCHP) - A micro combined heat and power unit heats the building just like a gas boiler would and also generates electricity, most of the electricity generated is used within the building.
  • Microgeneration - The production of heat/electricity generated from a low carbon source.
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is an independent scheme which has been setup to provide accreditation for generating units with an installed capacity of 50kw or less.


  • OFGEM - Ofgem regulate the Electricity and Gas markets in the United Kingdom. Ofgem are responsible for administering the FIT scheme.
  • Off-Grid - An installation which is connected to a private wire network and not the Electricity Network.


  • Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) - An existing scheme set up by the Government that rewards generators who have an installed capacity of over 50Kw.
  • ROO-FIT Process - The process that FIT generators with a capacity of over 50kW must go through in order to gain accreditation to be eligible for FIT or the Renewable Obligation.
  • Retrofit - A system installed on an existing building, as opposed to a new build.


  • Solar PV / Solar photovoltaic - Panels that produce electricity from daylight.
  • Statement of FIT Terms - The FIT agreement that FIT generators enter into with their chosen FIT Licensee.


  • Voluntary FIT Suppliers - Smaller electricity suppliers with fewer than 50,000 customers are not obliged to supply FIT to their customers. If you are supplied by a Voluntary FIT Supplier but wish ScottishPower to be your FIT Licensee, if you are eligible, we can sign you up.


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