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Making managing your energy easier

You may have already heard a lot about smart meters, but what will a smart meter mean for you and your household?

  • Easy to use In-Home Display. See your energy usage in pounds and pence.

  • Automatic meter readings. Save time as you will no longer need to submit your readings.

  • With a smart meter your data is protected.

  • Protect our environment. Making small changes to how you use your energy can really add up. Take a look at our energy saving tips to make a difference in your home.

  • No more estimated bills.* Track and pay for only what you use.

*There may be times when we are unable to communicate with your meter and we would need to rely on an estimate

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Smart Pay as You Go meters

Prepayment customer? Smart PAYG makes it even easier to top up. You can top up using the ScottishPower App on the go, or at your local shop, it's up to you. Find out more

How do smart meters work?

A smart meter is a digital device that measures your energy use. We automatically receive readings from your smart meter. How often we receive your readings is up to you, you can choose from monthly, daily or half hourly.

With smart meters, you only ever pay for what you use. Choose your meter read frequency here. Once your meter is installed you can update this any time.

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How do smart meters save me money?

As well as using your readings to supply you with an accurate bill, we will also use them to deliver your personalised consumption graphs and energy efficiency advice through the app and your online account.

We all know we could do more around the home to save energy and it can be really easy to lose track of how much you are spending.

Your In-Home Display can tell you a lot about your energy usage in near real time and guide you towards making changes.

Make just one change and you could start to see a difference. Try taking on one of our energy saving tips for a week and use your In-Home Display to see how much you save.

Why not set a budget to track against your energy use? Your In-Home Display can even sound an alarm if you go over this amount. Why not try challenging your household to stick within the budget?

Are smart meters good for the environment?

Seeing your consumption encourages you to find ways to be more efficient with your usage. If we all use only what we need, even small changes will add up to a big difference. That’s great for the environment.

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How is my smart meter installed?

Installation is free and only takes about an hour for each meter. The video below explains how to prepare for your smart meter installation and what to expect on the day. You can use our handy checklist to make sure you are all set. On the day our installer will leave you a booklet which you can read here.

What do our customers say about smart meters?

"Having a smart meter is brilliant, I wouldn’t go back to the old way now"
"I can’t think of a bad thing to say about smart meters"
"We made some changes and it saves us £20 every quarter"

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