Making managing your energy easier

You may have already heard a lot about smart meters, but what will a smart meter mean for you and your household?

  • See your energy in £s and pence with your free In-Home Display
  • Automatic meter readings meaning an end to estimated bills
  • Helps you monitor the energy you use
  • Install at no extra cost

Sound good? If you still want more information, you can explore our frequently asked questions.
Here you will find out:

  • Your personal information is perfectly safe
  • The extensive training that our installers receive to make sure you receive a high quality installation
  • How it's just as easy to switch suppliers once you have a smart meter
  • And the answers to lots more questions you may have

When we come out to install your meter we will provide hints and tips like the ones we have here on how you can make the most of your smart meter and save energy in your home.

Let's get Gaz & Leccy under control with smart meters.

Your smart journey

We use a number of trusted partners to make sure your smart meter is installed with least disruption. It should only take about an hour for each meter - check out our handy checklist to make sure you are ready.

We want to give as much support to those customers that need us, so if you, or anyone in your household has any special circumstances, or need extra help please visit or call us on 0800 027 0072

Your smart data

We automatically retrieve readings straight from your smart meter. How often we retrieve your readings is up to you, you can choose from monthly, daily or half hourly.

As well as using your readings to supply you with an accurate bill, we will also use them to deliver your personalised consumption graphs and energy efficiency advice through the app and your online account. The more frequently we retrieve your readings the more personalised and detailed the information will be, this is why we recommend you choose half hourly readings.

You can set or change your meter read frequency at any time by visiting