Your smart meter journey


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Smart is coming

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters that could help you take control of your energy and help the environment.

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This is a Government initiative, which aims for every household in the UK to have smart meters fitted by the end of 2020.

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The benefits

  • NO MORE manually submitting meter reads*
  • NO MORE meter readers coming to your door
  • NO MORE estimated bills - accurate ones every time.

Smart meters automatically send us your monthly meter readings. *In some rare instances you may have to submit a meter read.

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Your In-Home Display allows you to take more control of your energy.
You can:

  • see how much gas and electricity you're using
  • see how much activities are costing you in pounds and pence
  • change your behaviours to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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When you can see how much energy you're using, you can actively reduce unnecessary use.


We won't bother you anymore by coming round to read your meter. Your smart meters send us your reads remotely.


The In-Home Display learns the energy use
in your home based on your previous week's consumption. The light indicator allows you to
see if you're using more or less electricity
than the previous week. Use the dial
above to watch the lights change
with varying electricity use.

We'll get in touch

We'll send you a letter before we're scheduling installations in your area. There will be a handy leaflet enclosed, which will tell you exactly how to prepare for your installation.

When you receive your letter, call us to arrange your appointment.

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Where possible, we'll look to send you confirmation of your appointment time. And if we have you mobile number, we will aim to send you a text reminder the day before your installation and will call you on the day to confirm our arrival time.

We'll be in
touch just before your installation to make sure it's still convenient for you.

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This is the time to tell us if you need any additional support with your installation.

Your installation checklist

Before your appointment date, there are a few ways that you can help prepare for your installation. Here is the checklist that you should follow to ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.


Don't worry, this checklist will be included in your appointment letter.

On the day

Our approved installer will arrive at your appointment time. After a survey of your home, they will let you know how long the installation should take. They'll also give you a In-Home Display user guide to read while the installation is taking place.


Our approved installers will always carry ScottishPower identification.


Once your meters are installed and fully functional, our installer will give you a demonstration of your In-Home Display in action. This also allows you to ask any questions you may have.

Our installer will also give you energy saving tips.

Start to enjoy the benefits of smart

Now that your smart meters are installed, you might notice a difference in how you think about your gas and electricity use. Knowing how much each activity in your home costs could really help you lower any unnecessary use, which could help you save on your energy bills, and it helps the environment too.

The future is smart

As we develop the technology, there will be more benefits of smart energy. Allowing you to take even more control of your energy; making it simpler which could lead to savings on your energy bills.


In the future you
will be able to get a breakdown of your energy use on your desktop, mobile or tablet, through our Energy App.


In the future, you'll be able to see a smart report of your energy use online.


In the future, you
will be able to set your data consent more frequently, for more detailed information on your energy use.