How to use your

PAYG smart meter

Where to top up your Pay As You Go (PAYG) smart meter

Now that you have your smart meters, you can top up from the comfort of your home via the ScottishPower App. Find out how easy it is to manage your energy with the app in our short video below.

You can also top up at your local Post Office or Payzone outlet. You’ll receive a letter in the post with a barcode, which you need to take with you. If you’d prefer, you can download the app to view your barcode straightaway. We’ll make sure you have enough credit on your meter(s) to last until you receive your barcode. Please note, this will need to be paid back when topping up.

Getting the most from your PAYG smart meter

For helpful advice about how to use your smart meter, please read the following leaflets:

  • A guide to your PAYG Honeywell electricity meter - read here

  • A guide to your PAYG EDMI electricity meter - read here

  • A guide to your PAYG EDMI gas meter - read here

  • SMETS2 In-Home Display user guide - read here

Need a little extra help?

If using a PAYG meter is new to you, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find FAQs to help answer any queries you may have as you start using your new meter.


How do I get the free app?

The ScottishPower App is the easiest way to top up.

You can use it at home or on the go and top up in just a few taps. To download our free app, simply visit the App Store or Google Play and look for ScottishPower – Your Energy. If don’t have an online account yet, you’ll be prompted to register on the home screen of the app.

How do I top up with the ScottishPower App?

Once you’ve downloaded our free app, you’ll need to register a debit or credit card to your account. You’re then ready to top up via the app. Simply select the ‘Top Up’ icon on the home screen. You can choose between gas and electricity and decide how much you want to top up – the minimum amount is £1. Your credit can take up to an hour to appear on your meter. Find out more about topping up here.

What if my top up fails?

Whether you top up through the app, at the Post Office or at a Payzone, you’ll always get a Unique Transactional Reference Number (UTRN). This 20-digit number acts like a receipt - so, if your top up fails, simply type your UTRN into your In-Home Display or into your meter to apply the credit. For a detailed step-by-step guide, watch the relevant video below:

How will I know when to top up?

You can check your balance easily on your In-Home Display monitor or in the ScottishPower App. Your In-Home Display will alert you if your credit falls below £1.

What happens when I’m running out of credit?

Your In-Home Display will alert you when your credit falls below £1. It will make a sound and the screen will flash. If your credit falls below £1, your In-Home Display will indicate that you can now access emergency credit.

What happens if I do run out of credit?

If your In-Home Display alerts you that your balance is low, remember you can top up via the app 24/7. If you do need to use emergency credit, this can be applied via your In-Home Display or meter. You have £5 emergency credit that can be used until you can top up. When you next top up, you will need to add enough to pay back the £5 emergency credit. For example - if you top up £10, £5 will pay off the emergency credit.You are also protected by the friendly non-disconnect period. This lasts from 6pm – 9am every night and all-day Sunday and bank holidays. Please note, when the friendly non-disconnect period ends, you will need to pay back any energy used during this time. For full instructions about how to apply emergency credit, please read and watch the relevant guides below or the In-Home-Display guide here.

What if I’m unable to visit a Post Office or Payzone outlet?

Do you have a friend, neighbour or family member who can visit a Post Office or Payzone for you? Remember, the easiest way to top up is via the ScottishPower App, which can be done anytime, anywhere in just a few taps. Simply download the app and register your bank card.

What if I’m unable to manually enter my UTRN?

The UTRN will remain active and can be entered by a family member, neighbour or someone who can help you.

How do I get my supply back on?

If your supply has disconnected due to insufficient funds, you will need to make a top up and then re-enable the supply. For a detailed step-by-step guide, watch our video here.

Using your In-Home Display

Now that you have a smart meter, you can start monitoring what you’re spending on energy with your In-Home Display. By making small changes to lower your energy usage, you’ll be helping to create a cleaner, smarter energy future.

Find out how to start using your In-Home Display and make changes to your energy habits by reading our user guide here. For a detailed look at how your In-Home Display works, please watch our demonstration video here

What can you do with your In-Home Display?

  • Track your energy usage in near real-time

  • See what you’re spending in pounds and pence

  • Adopt greener energy habits that could help save money

  • Set energy saving goals and budgets

Simple ways to save energy

At your appointment, our engineer may not have been able to provide a smart meter demonstration or offer energy efficiency advice due to social distancing. If not, we recommend watching Smart Energy GB’s energy efficiency tips here

For more helpful information about how to improve your energy efficiency, please watch our video.

Here are some quick tips to start saving energy:

  • By turning off appliances when not in use, the average household can save around £35 a year*

  • By replacing traditional bulbs with LED ones, the average household can save about £40 a year*

  • By turning down your room thermostat by just one degree, the average household can save between £60 and £75 a year*

*Estimated savings based on findings by Energy Saving Trust for households in Great Britain.

Your smart meter data

Your smart meter can provide us with half-hourly, daily or monthly readings. To help us make positive changes, please opt in to allow us to receive half-hourly readings. This allows us to build a picture of the average user and develop new and innovative ways to help you save energy in the future. Your information will be held securely and only used for the purposes mentioned.

To opt in to half-hourly readings, click here

For information about how we use and protect your personal information, please visit: