Switch Gas Supplier

At ScottishPower, we know just how important gas prices are to our customers. It's not just during the winter months that your gas cost makes up a larger part part of your energy bill - it's all year round. That's why gas rates are an important factor to consider when choosing your gas supply.

Choosing your gas prices

When switching gas suppliers, most customers are looking for the best gas tariff. But the gas tariffs and gas prices UK suppliers offer today can vary, with some energy companies claiming to supply cheaper gas than others. As one of the main factors affecting gas prices, UK privatisation has shaped the gas supply industry and the way customers are buying gas. Now there are countless suppliers to choose from. But while the gas price per unit may vary a few pence from one supplier to another, price is not the only factor to consider when choosing your gas power company.

The tariff you choose is also very important. At ScottishPower we offer a number of electricity tariffs with different pricing options. You can choose between our variable electricity rates or our fixed price tariffs. Our fixed price tariffs are the most popular electricity deals as they offer long-term certainty over your electricity prices. So when looking to switch to a cheaper electricity deal, it's worth considering whether it will work out cheaper in the short term or the long term.

Choosing ScottishPower for you gas supply

Whether you're looking for our best gas deals today or long-term certainty with fixed gas prices, we offer a number of tariffs and options, as well as competitive prices. And it couldn't be easier to get a gas quote - simply go online or give us a call, it only takes a few minutes.

When you switch your gas supply to us, we'll make sure that you are on the best deal for you, and that you have at your fingertips everything you need to stay in control of YourEnergy.

And when you are dealing with us as a company, we try to make things simple - from ensuring the gas charges on your bill are clear and simple to understand, to helping you save money and energy with energy efficiency advice. Our gas UK business and domestic customers also benefit from a number of extra features for FREE, such as being able to switch to a different electricity or gas tariff without the exit fees.

And you can be assured that, as one of the biggest gas suppliers in the UK, we are committed to our responsibility to work towards a cleaner and greener future. So why not get a gas quote today and see how we could help you save?