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Online Fixed Saver April 2018 v4

  • Prices are guaranteed to remain fixed until 30th April 2018
  • Your Direct Debit and/or bill amount may vary depending on your gas and/or electricity usage
  • Subject to availability and may be withdrawn from sale at any time
Tariff End Date 30th April 2018
Tariff Availability
  • Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
  • Online only
Exit Fees
  • You can end this tariff at any time before 30th April 2018 by switching supplier. However, if your transfer to a new supplier is fully completed before 13th March 2018 you will have to pay exit fees of £30.00 for electricity and £30.00 for gas
  • WithFreedom - move to another of our available tariffs without paying any exit fees
  • The agreement will also be cancelled if you move house – you will not need to pay any exit fees
Payment Methods Monthly Direct Debit, quarterly Direct Debit or online Debit Card
Annual Discounts

Discounts which may be available:

  • Gas & Electricity annual discount if you take both fuels from ScottishPower at the same premises*
What happens at the end of this tariff?
  • Unless you choose another option, you will automatically move to our Standard tariff prices for your payment method
  • We will write to you before the end date of the tariff and tell you what your options are
Benefits Typical Cost
  • Fixed prices until 30th April 2018
  • WithFreedom - move to another of our available tariffs without paying any exit fees
  • Manage your account online and via our energy App
  • Dual Fuel* discount may apply
    1. Low User - £714.69
    2. Medium User - £1040.03
    3. High User - £1461.33
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