Your Security

Keeping your details secure

Your personal details are valuable to criminals. To obtain such information, fraudsters have been known to call and pretend to be from a bank or a service provider like ScottishPower to gain your trust. They will then ask you to reveal financial details, passwords, pin numbers and other security details.

If you receive a call from someone stating they are from ScottishPower and you are in doubt, do not disclose any details. Ask for the caller’s name and department and contact us immediately. We will be able to confirm if the caller is genuine.

ScottishPower will not ask you to reveal your bank account number or any other banking details to verify your identity.

Don’t be alarmed but be vigilant. Help protect yourself from fraud by following these simple steps:

  • Never disclose your bank or credit card pin numbers or online / telephone banking passwords and security information.
  • If a caller states they are from your bank and mentions an unusual transaction, be very cautious about providing any details and take steps to confirm the caller’s identity.
  • If you receive any suspicious calls saying they are from a trusted service provider, hang up and check with your service provider.
  • If you have concerns about the security of your financial or personal details, you should contact your bank as a precaution so they can provide appropriate advice.
  • We understand the importance of keeping your personal details safe. To find out more visit