Distribution Network Operators
& Gas Transporters

Connecting you to the Electricity Network or Gas Grid

The electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNO) and Gas Transporters (GT) are licensed to design, install, own, operate and maintain the electricity power network and infrastructure pipelines systems.

Before we can register your new energy supply, schedule a new meter installation and create an account, you must contact your DNO and GT (links to contact details below). They will link your new connection to the existing infrastructure and then provide you a unique supply point reference number for your new connection - MPAN for electricity and MPRN for Gas

Finding your DNO & GT

If you're not sure who your DNO or GT are, please use the links below:

What happens next

Once your DNO and GT supply the information below, please get in touch to provide us the following information:

  • Your confirmed postal address and postcode
  • Your MPAN
  • Your MPRN
  • Your planned connection dates for both electricity and gas


You also have the choice to appoint an Independent Connection Provider, or ICP, to carry out some of the connection work instead. This is often referred to as the 'Contestable' work.

You will find a list of accredited ICPs and further information on the Lloyds Register website.