We’re changing the way to
buy energy

Buy energy up front in days from your mobile*

Buy a package to last you for a day or up to 6 months.
The bigger the package you buy, the more you could save.

How does it work?

PowerUp your gas & electricity in days or packages from your mobile device

Track how much energy you use to see when you next need to PowerUp

The bigger the package you buy, the more you could save

We will use your meter readings to ensure you stay on track

How is it different from Monthly Direct Debit?

There are no standing charges and you can choose the size of package that works best for you

Buying your energy up front can make it easier to manage your budget and only buy the energy you need when you need it.

  • DayPay

    Buy 1 to 29 days

  • Packages

    Buy a 1 month, 3 month
    or 6 month package

You are buying a set amount of kWh based on your estimated energy usage in that period

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Currently not available for prepayment customers or multi-rate electricity meters

Do you know how much energy you use?