Sales Compensation Fund Questions & Answers

Below you will find the frequently asked questions and answers regarding ScottishPower's sales compensation fund.

If you believe you have been impacted by this breach, you can apply for your case to be reviewed by ScottishPower by completing the information form.

How is compensation calculated?

The compensation is calculated based on a like for like comparison between ScottishPower and your previous supplier. Your energy consumption is calculated for the period in question. The cost of the energy usage is calculated at your ScottishPower price (when you signed up to become a ScottishPower customer) and then compared with the price you would have paid if you had remained with your previous supplier. Any refund amount due is the difference between these two costs, if the ScottishPower cost is higher.

When will I hear back from ScottishPower?

Once you have submitted your application we will aim to respond to you within 28 days giving you the outcome of your case.

How are the payments made?

Payments due will be made via a credit to your energy account for existing customers (excluding gas pre-payment customers who will receive a cheque) and, a cheque for those customers who have left ScottishPower since they originally came on board.

How do I know the product now is the right one?

We have had a full suite of measures in place since the end of 2011 to ensure that the problems were resolved and this includes auditing and monitoring to make sure that this can't happen again. If you are in doubt as to whether your current tariff is the best one for your circumstances, then please call us on 0800 074 0362 where we will be happy to conduct a personalised tariff check. You can also view our currently available tariffs


For further information please see the full statement on our corporate site.