Billing & refunds

You, as well as ScottishPower, are responsible for ensuring that your account is kept up to date. Updating your energy account with regular actual meter readings is the first step to more accurate billing. The quickest and easiest way to update these is via the YourEnergy App or via Your Online Account.

Customer responsibilities

When you move into new premises
  • Check thoroughly to see how many meters there are in your premises.
  • Find out who is the registered supplier for the energy at your premises and contact them to let them know you have taken responsibility for the premises. You can contact your local distribution network who will be able to confirm the registered supplier for you (find their details below). It is your responsibility to ensure your energy supplier is informed of your details.
  • Provide the registered energy supplier with your details, the date you took responsibility for the premises and the meter readings from that date. At ScottishPower we will also ask you to provide a forwarding address for the previous occupant, owner or landlord.
  • If you do not register with a gas or electricity supplier for your premises, you may have a deemed energy contract with the supplier that was previously supplying your property, which can be expensive.
Area Company Name Tel No Website
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution 0800 048 3515
Central & Southern Scotland SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
North East England & Yorkshire Northern Powergrid 0800 011 3332
North West England Electricity North West 0800 195 4141
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
East Midlands & West Midlands Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
South Wales & South West England Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
London, South East England & Eastern England UK Power Networks 0845 601 4516
Southern England SSE Power Distribution 0800 048 3516
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Electricity 03457 643 643
Republic Of Ireland ESB Networks 00353 1850 372 757
When you move out of premises

Please help by notifying ScottishPower by providing meter readings for all of your meters. This will help us to ensure that you are only billed for the energy you have used while occupying the premises.

You will also be asked to provide any new contact details, such as a forwarding address and new telephone number.

Providing meter readings

Give regular meter readings - ScottishPower, along with all other energy suppliers, must take all reasonable steps to read the meter at least every two years. By registering correct meter readings over the phone, via YourEnergy App, or online every time you are due a bill will help us bill you accurately.

Grant the ScottishPower engineer access to take meter readings - Help us by making sure you provide our engineer access to meters in order to conduct meter readings. This will help to ensure that you receive more accurate bills both now and in the future. We will endeavour to have your meter read at least once every two years.

If you believe your bill or billed payment amounts are incorrect

Whether you think your bills and/or billed payment amounts are too high or too low, contact us as soon as possible. If there is an issue, the quicker it is investigated the less impact it may have.

Please provide us with an up to date meter reading and contact our Business Energy Team. Alternatively you can request a call-back by logging into Your Account or send us a Contact Us form with the details of your query.

If you are having trouble paying your bill

Let us know as soon as possible – we can’t help if we don’t know. By taking your financial circumstances into consideration, we can work with you to agree a suitable payment plan.

Contact our Business Energy Team where one of our dedicated team may be able to help.

Independent help and advice for you, if you're having problems paying any of your energy bills
If you would like free and independent debt advice about energy or other bills, contact Business Debtline. They can help you work out a budget plan for your ongoing debts and ways to pay off your arrears. You just need a list of your incomings and outgoings and your energy bill handy.

Business Debtline’s objective is to help you overcome any trading problems and to help your business to continue trading. We will take any advice from Business Debtline into account when setting up your payment arrangement

You can call the Business Debtline free on 0800 197 6026 (If you're calling from outside the UK - +44 800 197 6026). Lines are open Monday to Friday 8:30am - 7pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm. They will help you to:

  • Complete a Business Budget sheet
  • Identify priority debts (e.g. gas / electricity) and non-priority debts
  • Set up affordable repayment plans with all creditors

They can also provide help with cash flow advice.

Alternatively you can access their website by clicking here

Paying for your energy if you dispute a part of your bill

You should continue to pay for ongoing consumption and undisputed elements of your bill where a bill is disputed.

If you think you are due a refund

If you'd like to request a credit balance refund, we're happy to discuss this with you. Please contact our Business Energy Team.

If you think we have got it wrong

If you believe this is the case please let us know to allow us to try to rectify any issues.

You can re-contact our Directors support team or seek further independent support and advice should you need it. This information is contained in our procedure below.

Click here to see our complaints procedure


Supplier responsibilities

Conducting regular meter readings

ScottishPower as your energy supplier will take all reasonable steps to read your meter on a regular basis, and we will make all reasonable attempts to read it at least every two years.

Making it easier for customers to submit their own meter readings

ScottishPower, as your energy supplier, will provide you with information on how to register correct meter readings over the phone, via Your Energy App or online. When an accurate meter reading is received, we will reflect that reading on your bill.

Providing customers with information on how they can help ensure they receive an accurate bill

ScottishPower, as your energy supplier, will supply you with information on, for example, how to understand your bill and what to do if you believe the bill is inaccurate.

Acting as soon as possible when discovering something unusual about your account

As soon as ScottishPower, as your supplier, discovers that something is amiss with your energy account, we will let you know and will seek to assure you that we will work to resolve any issues.

Treating customers fairly if a problem arises

ScottishPower as your supplier will make every effort to resolve any issue you have through our own internal processes. In cases that have not been resolved within eight weeks or where we feel we cannot resolve your complaint, ScottishPower will inform you of the dispute resolution that is available through the Energy Ombudsman. We will log all customer contacts so that there will be a paper trail of your complaint. Your complaint to ScottishPower will be assigned a complaint number which should be quoted on all correspondence.

Click here to see our Complaint Handling Standards.

Being open and honest

As soon ScottishPower as your supplier discovers that you may be paying the wrong amount for your energy, we will let you know and will seek to ensure you are paying the correct amount. We are committed to being fair, appropriate, professional, honest and transparent in every interaction we have with our small business customers.


When you request a refund, we will look at your individual account status taking into account your payment method, last payment date and meter reading history.

I pay Monthly

With Monthly Direct Debit or Monthly Cash we spread the cost of your energy evenly across the year. You may have seasonal variations in usage and in the periods where you may use less energy your account may build a credit up. E.G.

It may be a good idea to leave this balance on your account to help pay for the extra energy you'll use during the periods when your usage is higher. At your annual review if your account is in credit, you shouldn't need to do anything, as we'll deal with the credit on your account.

  • If your annual review is based upon actual meter readings and your balance is greater than one month's payment value or you are over £75 in credit, we'll automatically refund your balance during your review.
  • But if your credit amount is less than one month's payment value or under £75, we'll carry it forward into next year's payment plan.
  • You can always request a refund outside of the annual review. Please supply us with up to date meter reads, so that we can calculate your account balance accurately. Please note that this may mean a change to your Monthly Direct Debit or Monthly Cash amount.
I pay Quarterly
  • If you have supplied us with accurate meter readings, and your credit balance is £5 or more, then we'll automatically refund your credit balance.
  • If your bill has been estimated, please supply accurate meter reads and we'll then calculate if any refund is due.
  • If your credit balance is under £5, we'll usually roll this into the balance of your next bill, but if you want a refund, please contact our Business Energy Team.
I'm a Prepayment Customer

It’s very unusual to build a credit up on a PrePayment meter. Please Contact our Business Energy Team.

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