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As a small business, we understand that managing your finances could be vital to your success. At ScottishPower we have a range of payment plans available to help you manage your energy costs and meet your businesses' needs.

For more information on our payment options please select below:

What should I do if I'm having problems paying my bill?

We want to help you manage your energy costs

We think paying for your energy should be quick, simple and convenient. If you’re having difficulties paying your bill we want to help. By taking your financial circumstances into consideration, we can work with you to agree a suitable payment plan which can help spread the cost of your energy.

We have a range of payment methods available to best suit your needs, which are shown above.

Just contact us as soon as possible to discuss our best option for you.

Independent help and advice for you, if you're having problems paying any of your bills
If you would like free and independent debt advice about energy or other bills, contact Business Debtline. They can help you work out a budget plan for your ongoing debts and ways to pay off your arrears. You just need a list of your incomings and outgoings and your energy bill handy.

Business Debtline’s objective is to help you overcome any trading problems and to help your business to continue trading. We will take any advice from Business Debtline into account when setting up your repayment arrangement.

You can call the Business Debtline free on 0800 197 6026 from Monday to Friday. They will help you to:

  • Complete a Business Budget sheet
  • Identify priority debts (e.g. gas / electricity) and non-priority debts
  • Set up affordable repayment plans with all creditors

They can also provide help with cash flow advice.

Alternatively you can access their website by clicking here

Will you charge me a late payment fee if I don't pay my bill on time?

Possibly, but first we'll discuss alternative payment options with you. If you think you'll have a problem paying your energy bills, please contact us. We may be able to help.

Contact our Business Energy Team to see if we can offer you alternative options.

Somebody in a similar situation is paying less than me. Why is this?

The other person may be using less energy than you or have a different contract, tariff or charging structure to you. Alternatively, their contract may have started at a different time when prices were different. Contact our Business Energy Team if you'd like to discuss your payments or pricing in more detail.

How can I save on my energy bills with ScottishPower?

If you currently receive quarterly bills, you could save on your energy bills by switching to monthly Direct Debit. If you are not currently on a fixed term contract setting up a fixed term contract could also give you cheaper rates. If you're interested in conserving energy and possibly saving on your energy bills, our Energy Smart Pack is full of useful advice, or log in to Your Account for your Personalised Energy Saving Toolkit. For an individual review of your account, please contact our Business Energy Team.

What is Climate Change Levy and why have I been charged for this?

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a tax on energy for non-domestic users which has been implemented to encourage energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. ScottishPower collects Climate Change Levy (CCL) on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs.

CCL and VAT is charged depending on your average daily consumption for each billing period. If you are an electricity customer, and you consume a minimum of 33 units per day, or a gas customer consuming a minimum of 145 kWh per day then you will be charged CCL and VAT will also be charged at the full rate of 20%.

If your average daily consumption for a billing cycle falls below these thresholds then CCL will not be charged in this period and VAT will be charged at the lower rate of 5%.

Many of our customers have seasonal variations on their usage and so their CCL and VAT charges can differ from one invoice to the next.

There are some businesses which are exempt from CCL and the standard VAT rate (e.g. charities) and some businesses which may have a percentage of domestic use in their premises which they can register for exemption from CCL & VAT at 20%. If you feel you qualify for this, complete our VAT Reduction Certificate and send to

Our handy e-guide on VAT and Climate Levy Change for small to medium sized business customers provides more information.

For more information on this please visit the HMRC website or contact your Accountant or Financial Advisor.

I've received a recent communication advising that I have an outstanding balance but I have a Prepayment Meter – Why is this?

Prepayment meters are set to collect 5% VAT on all charges. As SME customers are charged VAT and CCL based on their usage you may find a discrepancy when your invoice is issued. These charges will not be applied to your meter so we ask that you make an additional payment on receipt of your invoice to clear your balance. These payments can be made by debit or credit card online via Your Account or by contacting our Business Energy Team.

Alternatively, if your energy account had a balance when your prepayment meter was installed and this had not yet been cleared, this will also show on your statement.

I have an error code on my Prepayment Meter – what does this mean?

Occasionally, you may see an error message on your pay as you go meter screen. Here are some of the most common errors and how to fix them.

Monthly Direct Debit

  • Monthly instalments are calculated by taking your estimated yearly energy usage and dividing by 12
  • You may have a credit or debit at points through the year if you have seasonal usage, e.g.
  • You can choose a date that suits you between the 1st & 28th of the month
  • As your usage can change we will reassess your payments every 3 months to help ensure you do not fall into a debit or credit. However, remember that you may have a debit or credit on your account at points throughout the year if your energy usage changes throughout the seasons
  • We will give you notice of any increase or decrease to your payment amount in writing with 10 working days' notice
  • Protected by Direct Debit Guarantee

Quarterly Direct Debit

  • ScottishPower will deduct your invoice amount by direct debit each quarter
  • Payment is collected 10 working days after the date your invoice is issued and amount & date of payment due will be confirmed on each invoice.
  • Only pay for what you use, provided that you submit actual meter readings via Your Account when we request them
  • Protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee

If your bank misses a payment for any reason we will notify you that we will re-submit our request for payment of the relevant amount 2 weeks later. If this is rejected by your bank the direct debit will be cancelled.

To pay by either monthly or quarterly Direct Debit please complete the Direct Debit mandate and send this to or the address on the form by post. Alternatively, you can use our instant WebChat. Please have your ScottishPower account number, bank details and meter readings to hand and they will be able to set up a Direct Debit for you

Quarterly Cash

  • Pay your invoice amount by debit/credit card online via Your Account, at any PayPoint or via BACS transfer
  • Payment is requested from ScottishPower within 10 days of bill date
  • Only pay for what you use, provided you submit your actual actual meter readings via Your Account)

This payment method is more expensive than paying by Direct Debit.


  • Pay as you go
  • Top up Key or Card at any PayPoint
  • Regular Statements to help keep you informed

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