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SMEs must get tough on cyber-security to stay ahead of the game in 2017

At ScottishPower we’re committed to supporting small businesses to succeed. In the modern world, a key part of this is helping SMEs to embrace new technologies, and to become more confident when using digital tools for managing their energy accounts online. But in a rapidly evolving digital world, protecting yourself against cybercrime is just as important as being digital-savvy to retain existing and generate new business.

Mark Bowen, UK Marketing Director at ScottishPower said; “Cyber-security is a growing issue, and following a number of high profile attacks last year it’s vital that SMEs take measures to protect their business in 2017 and beyond”.

Last year, 51 per cent of medium sized businesses in the UK were affected by cyber-attacks* and unfortunately these are becoming a growing trend. Despite this, business owners are failing to recognise the importance and prevalence of these attacks. Figures from a recent survey revealed that even though there were approximately 1,000 attacks per day at the end of 2016, 74 per cent of businesses questioned did not feel they were at risk.

As online transactions become the norm, businesses are increasingly being targeted by scams to access money, passwords and personal data. While a new National Cyber Security Centre has been opened in London to develop a comprehensive approach to cyber-security, it’s important that SMEs ensure they aren’t left vulnerable as a result of not having sufficient security measures in place.

Here’s some key advice from the NCSC to consider to avoid being a victim of cyber-crime:

  • Install efficient anti-malware software
  • Raise awareness in your business of phishing emails and the importance of regular password changes
  • Avoid disclosing personal and financial information over the phone
  • Consider investing in cyber insurance for your business

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* Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016