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The bar leading the way in best sustainability practice

Acting sustainably has never been more important for small businesses, and when it comes to putting this into practice, it’s the long game that makes a real difference.

The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn is a Polynesian bar and restaurant based in Glasgow. Since becoming a ScottishPower customer two years ago, their sustainable efforts have lead them to back a national campaign to encourage small businesses across the UK to go green in order to boost their business, protect the environment and impress customer perceptions.

Ian Sanderson, Operations Manager at The Tiki Bar + Kitsch Inn, said: “We embarked on our energy efficiency journey just over a year ago which has made a massive difference to our business. By taking a step back, looking at the business and making small changes gradually, we’ve been able to make financial savings. Our efforts to keep sustainability front of mind has also impressed our customers, which is an added bonus.

“As a small business in the hospitality industry, there is a huge opportunity to think about the best waste management practices that can help the environment. We’ve explored avenues to cut down on waste though recycling it in a more economical manner, and a major change for us has been the introduction of biodegradable straws, which keeps customers happy as well as the environment.

“The introduction of touch-top taps in our kitchens has also been great for cutting down on water waste, as we’re only using what’s needed. Water waste management can certainly be tricky to manage in a busy kitchen, so these have made a huge difference."

From an energy efficiency perspective, the Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn has upgraded its lighting with LED bulbs and has embraced online account tools to manage its consumption.

Ian continued: “We’ve replaced old bulbs with LED alternatives and we’ve already noticed the difference to energy consumption and costs. A lot of people can be put off by price – but changing your bulbs gradually is really beneficial from a cashflow perspective.”

The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn has been a ScottishPower customer since 2017 and has embraced the online tools available from ScottishPower to help the team manage its day to day consumption:

ScottishPower offers an online energy efficiency toolkit to business customers, which has helped us identify opportunities for making energy savings and adapting our business to be as efficient as it can be. It’s helped us understand where we’re using energy and what we can do to reduce it by using a simple check list.

“For small businesses like us, I’d recommend taking the time to identify the small changes that you can make to cut down on waste and energy. Use the tools that are available to you and embrace technology when it comes to sustainability – online account management of our energy has helped us save time whilst keeping us in the know, which is so important when trying to grow your business in other ways.”

The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn’s sustainability efforts were recognised at last year’s Glasgow Business Awards, where the business took home the Green Champion Award for its energy efficiency commitments.