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Glasgow – do you have what it takes?

We’ve been a sponsor of the Green Champion award at The Glasgow Business Awards for the last six years, and to encourage businesses to apply for this year’s prize, we hosted the ‘What it Takes’ event in collaboration with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Our UK Marketing Director, Mark Bowen, has given us a run-down of the night and the top tips to bear in mind when applying…

"Last week, local business leaders from the city gathered in our HQ auditorium in Glasgow for a series of talks which aimed to encourage businesses to put themselves forward for this year’s award. Speakers included Richard Muir from the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Fergus Moore and Scott Kennedy from Revive-Eco who were Green Champions in 2016, Emma Dunsmuir from Resource Efficient Scotland and Stuart Wilson from ScottishPower General Services, who told the story of our new Headquarters and its energy efficiency credentials.

"If there’s one thing businesses will have learned and one piece of advice I would emphasise, it’s that confidence is key; confidence that their green credentials and aspirations could differentiate them from their competitors and confidence to put themselves forward for awards such as this.

"To hear first-hand from the guys at Revive Eco about the process they went through to nominate themselves for the award and the success that has followed was truly inspiring and, I hope, given other businesses the encouragement and belief they need to put themselves forward.

"As put by Fergus at Revive-Eco, it doesn’t always feel easy to shout about the great things you’re doing as a business, but doing so, shows others the benefits of working sustainably which can help with business growth, and can inspire others to take note and do their bit to protect the environment.

"The deadline for nominations is 22 June 2018 and we’re already looking forward to reading the unique and innovative stories from this year’s prospective Green Champion!"

If you think you have "What It Takes" to be The Glasgow Business Awards, Green Champion 2018, go to the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce website to apply: