Time to get your Business Winter Ready

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Time to get your Business Winter Ready

With Christmas right around the corner, many businesses will be gearing up for the festive break. With a list as long as your arm of things to get through, it’s easy for business energy saving measures to slip off the radar. However, if your business is closed over the Christmas period, it’s important to take the time now to consider how to get your business Winter Ready.

ScottishPower is committed to helping businesses be more energy-efficient, reduce their consumption and thus their energy bills. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Carbon Trust, to offer bespoke energy saving advice to be delivered through online tools to businesses across all sectors and industries.

Simple steps can make a big difference

We have developed a quick and simple checklist that all businesses should review before shutting up shop. This list includes the most simple of energy-saving measures that could save you money but often get overlooked.

The first thing to consider is the working patterns of your business and staff over the Christmas break. If you have staff in at any time during the holidays, ensure they can easily access all equipment as well as heating and hot water, and the building is kept at a reasonable working temperature.

If you’re completely closing the office, avoid energy waste by turning off all lights, heating, equipment and appliances. Prioritising the energy needs of your business now, will pay off in the New Year - the last thing you want to return to in January is an unnecessarily high energy bill

We also recommend getting all staff members involved. Ensure everyone knows that they are responsible for their own personal equipment, such as computers and desk lamps and assign staff members to tend to communal areas. You should then nominate a couple of members of staff to do a final walk-round, before everyone leaves for Christmas.

ScottishPower Winter Checklist

  • Turn off all lights – don’t forget lamps, desk lights, external lights and any Christmas lights too!
  • Fully shut down and turn off all computers and printers. A single monitor and computer left on 24 hours a day will cost around £45 a year, multiply that by the number of computers in your business and the cost will really add up
  • Turn off all machinery and equipment, including kitchen appliances
  • Turn off all fans, heaters and air conditioning units and set your radiators to freeze protection mode – this will ensure they are off for the duration of the break and not wasting energy, but should also stop the pipes from freezing
  • Turn off all vending machines that do not contain perishable goods
  • Close all windows and both external and internal door
  • Empty, defrost and switch off freezers
  • Check all taps are turned off

To find out more about the partnership with the Carbon Trust, and how you can help shape our online resource and get energy saving advice tailored to your business, visit: www.scottishpower.co.uk/businesstoolkit

Happy Holidays!