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Happy New Year from all of us here at ScottishPower! The beginning of a new year brings a great opportunity to set goals for the year ahead, both personally and professionally, so there’s no time like the present to start afresh when it comes to efficient energy management in your business.
We understand that it’s a busy period and energy resolutions might not be front of mind when time is short, so we’re here to help get your business off on the right foot with some easy hints and tips to help you save money on your energy bills this year.

Make the switch

If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to switch your lightbulbs to LED. Not only do they require less energy to power than incandescent, halogen and energy efficient bulbs, but they will also last ten times longer than the commonly used halogen bulb.
One main concern that businesses have is that bright white light will affect the working environment, however it’s possible to find options with a warmer glow meaning that staff can work in a comfortable setting.
Switching to LED lighting doesn’t have to break the bank either, so try making the switch gradually by replacing bulbs in one room or area of your business at a time. This will allow you to spread the cost over time, and you could be amazed at just how much you can save from month to month.

Get savvy with smart

Installing smart technology can be a daunting thought – but the key is to do your research and identify the tech that’s right for your business’ needs.
Smart tech can be useful for saving time when it comes to energy saving in your business, freeing up the crucial time for you to invest elsewhere in its growth and strategy this year.
You have probably read a lot about new ways to track your energy use through apps and various other devices recently. Whether it’s controlling your business’ heating on the go from your smartphone, managing your energy account and usage through your provider’s app or investigating smart meters. Get to grips with embracing new technology at your own pace this year and let it do the hard work for you.

Brilliant basics

Although it might seem obvious, make sure all your appliances in the workplace are turned off when not in use. It’s important to keep your team on board with energy saving as making sure small actions are embraced can help you achieve big savings.
Start the year off with a ‘switch off policy’ at the end of the day when it comes to computer monitors. You could also try monitoring heating in lesser-used areas of the building and being mindful of switching off lights in vacant rooms.
Small behavioural changes can make a big difference to your business’ cash flow in the space of just a few months, freeing up cash to boost the business elsewhere.

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Here’s to a prosperous and energy efficient 2019!