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The power of energy efficiency to grow your business in 2016

Mark Bowen, UK Marketing Director for ScottishPower looks at renewed optimism amongst businesses

As we enter the new financial year, many small and medium sized business owners will no doubt be setting fresh goals and objectives to drive business operations forward in 2016.

From issues around business rates and changing consumer habits to uncertainties surrounding the outcome of the European Referendum, the past year has had its challenges for small and medium businesses. However, it was encouraging to see this week that a survey carried out by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on SME trends found that optimism for stability and growth was on the rise. The results captured in the first quarter of the year also revealed that businesses are looking to invest and grow by making efficiencies.

Here at ScottishPower, we believe that being more energy efficient is a practical way for business owners to save money which they can then invest elsewhere in their business.

Adopting energy saving measures to your everyday business routine can be simple and can help your business grow. Starting today you can take the following steps to start cutting your energy bills.

Top 5 easy steps to reduce your energy bill:

  • 1. Heating makes up 57% of a typical small business energy bill. Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C can cut your fuel bills by up to 10%.
  • 2. Lighting is the second biggest user of energy in an office environment. Replacing your existing light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs can provide big energy savings of up to 90% compared to standard incandescent lighting.
  • 3. Computers play an integral part in most businesses nowadays. Encourage staff to turn off their computer monitors if they are away from their desk for more than 10 minutes.
  • 4. Communication is key to improving efficiency. Make sure everyone in your business is working towards a more energy efficient workplace.
  • 5. Helping you use your energy more efficiently is ScottishPower’s priority. We have teamed up with Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, to look at business’s resource efficiency as a whole. The online interactive programme ‘Green Town’ is on our website and identifies areas you can save energy specific to your industry and line of work.

With renewed motivation and efficiency being a key focus for small and medium business owners, we are committed to ensuring that our business customers have the relevant resources to achieve this.

From online tools to our SmartPack here which are full of energy efficiency tips and advice, to our handy YourEnergy app where business customers can monitor and track your bills and usage and enter meter readings on the move.

For more information on how to be more energy efficient, visit

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