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Here’s to an energy efficient 2018!

The New Year presents the perfect time to start afresh, take stock and set both personal and professional goals for the year ahead. As the 17th of January is known as the day that we are most likely to ditch our New Year’s resolutions, now is the ideal time to buck that trend. Make an efficient and well informed energy plan to help your business save money in 2018 and outline where you want your organisation to be this time next year.

There’s no time like the present - ScottishPower has some simple energy tips to help get you on your way!

Set your goals

The beginning of the year presents the ideal opportunity to make energy a key component of your organisation’s business plan. Little changes all add up, and putting goals in place can be an effective motivator to ensure everyone is on board with your new energy management plan.

For example, it can be useful to get familiar with your current energy consumption to see your baseline for improvement. Then set monthly targets to try and reduce or at least maintain your energy consumption.

Get up to speed with the latest technology

A new year also means new technology, so why not consider factoring equipment upgrades into your budgets to help drive long term savings.

Old or out of date equipment consumes more energy so it’s worth investigating the technologies that may be relevant to your business and sector to see if you can make any changes. They don’t have to be big - a simple starting point like replacing old lighting with LED bulbs can result in savings of around £35 per year on your energy bills.

You can also make use of energy monitoring on the go via online or smartphone account management. This allows you to focus on the general running of your business and keep track of your energy use without waiting for paper bills.

Commitment and consistency are key

One of the most fruitful resolutions you can make this year is to make sure you stay committed to good energy practices and that employees are on board when it comes to bringing about the behavioural change of being energy efficient.

When planning the new ScottishPower Headquarters in Glasgow, the building was designed with our commitment to the environment in mind and features appropriate sustainable and environmental design measures, low water usage, recycling and the use of renewable energy and innovative technologies.

Waste recycling stations are available on every floor and we encourage employees to dispose of waste thoughtfully and in accordance with recycling instructions. By having these simple but visible action triggers in place, employees are more likely to get on board.

Practice makes perfect, so reinforcing the importance of being mindful about energy for the business and environment will help small changes become habits. Making employees aware of decreases in consumption month by month can also showcase the power of their efforts.

Whether it’s turning off all lights in vacant rooms, encouraging staff to shut down computers at the end of the day or turning down your thermostat slightly, a team effort is needed to reap the rewards.

Check out our Business Energy Efficiency Zone for even more tips, or visit the Carbon Trust SME Network