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Building the way to a sustainable future: introducing Glasgow’s 2017 Green Champion

The Glasgow Business Awards 2017 ceremony was a night of celebration and recognition of the city’s most inspiring and innovative businesses who are leading the way in enterprise.

Congratulations to the ScottishPower 2017 Green Champion - the Environmental Team at City Building LLP, who impressed the panel with an unparalleled number of unique green credentials, which they’ve prioritised to give their business the edge in the construction sector.

Constructing a business based on green principles

The innovative building contractor grabbed our attention as a result of its team’s efforts to pioneer sustainable development systems in the industry. City Building LLP is one of the only construction companies in Scotland to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

In addition to establishing its own waste transfer station to maximise recycling efforts, the team has created an environmental management training strategy for managers and supervisors at all of its sites, putting the business at the forefront of great green business practice.

Dr. Graham Paterson, Executive Director at City Building said: “Our training is mandatory and updated annually, meaning that we’re able to continuously consider key priorities in terms of being innovative and up-skilling the team.”

The initiative shown by the business to protect wildlife and enhance ecosystems gave them the edge at this year’s awards. Dr Paterson said: “On one project, we discovered water voles living beneath our storage containers which resulted in us making the first ever licensed application to replace their shelter with turf in order to provide a more natural habitat. It’s now extremely well established and has provided a safe alternative for these animals.

“We also advise members of the team on how to effectively deal with non-native plant species, how to protect habitats and correctly handle encounters with wild birds, bats and otters.”

As well as keeping an environmental focus whilst working on site, the team have helped the company establish a high-tech approach to energy management by driving the installation of efficient boilers at City Building Head Office and its manufacturing factory, as well as replacing all standard lights with LED bulbs.

Michelle Nicol, Senior Manager – Business Marketing at ScottishPower said: “The Environmental Team at City Building completely wowed us with how much focus they have put into working with the environment in mind, whilst not forgetting about the importance of energy efficient technology in the company’s buildings.

“There were some outstanding entries this year, but the initiative shown by this business to position themselves at the forefront of innovation and sustainability is second to none and provides a fantastic example for other companies to follow.”