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Helping UK small businesses thrive

Key notes from our round table discussion

On Thursday 23 April 2015, our CEO of Retail and Generation, Neil Clitheroe, hosted a round table discussion - in association with The Scotsman newspaper.

Strengthening our commitment to the UK small business sector

The event was held to allow us to listen to people in business and find out what we can do to help small and medium sized businesses become more energy efficient.

Local SMEs of varying sizes and industry figures attended the event. On the agenda were the key issues they face when they're trying to save money by being more energy efficient:

  • Energy efficiency in leased versus owner-occupied properties. How can SMEs make leased premises more energy efficient, without investing heavily in retro-fitting?
  • Building energy efficiency into the trigger points for business. What prompts a business to look at their energy efficiency?
  • The impact of managing energy costs on a small business. Is energy one of the biggest spends?
  • Getting advice on energy efficiency. Are SMEs getting enough advice, and where does it factor in their overall business planning?
  • Handling internal barriers. What can be done to help a business overcome barriers to the uptake of energy and fuel efficiency measures?
  • Identifying the energy deals best suited to SMEs. What incentives or support would make a real difference?

As a responsible energy firm, we've committed to helping SMEs become more energy efficient which is why we have recently become a pledge ambassador of Resource Efficient Scotland. That means that through Resource Efficient Scotland, we're able to provide you with the information that will not only help you save money on your energy bills but could also allow you to become resource efficient too. Plus we know that not all businesses are the same. Different businesses need different sorts of energy advice. Take a look at Resource Efficient Scotland's virtual sustainable community here which brings key efficiency ideas to life.

If you want to learn more about how your small business can save money through energy efficient measures, call our Business Energy Team on 0800 22 44 00 who'll be happy to help.