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Time to Get Smart with Technology

Taking steps to reduce your business’ energy use is so important - not just to reduce your impact on the environment but to enable you to make vital savings, allowing you to invest money back into the organisation and help it flourish.

There seems to be a gadget for just about everything in the digital age and saving energy is no exception. Businesses across a range of sectors should have access to unique and innovative tech products that could help them to save energy and cash.

While investment can be costly in the beginning, over time you’ll see the savings reflected in your energy bills. Moreover, staff, potential employees and stakeholders are likely to look favourably on businesses recognised as having an environmental conscience.

Below are just a couple of the smart tech products that could make a difference to your workplace:

Smart lighting

Over 40% of a building’s energy use is accounted for by lighting and therefore, leaving lights on unnecessarily can be a huge drain of electricity.

Whether you are office based, a retailer or hotel, many businesses will have space that is left unoccupied for long periods of time. While you can do your best to remind staff to turn off lights when they leave a room, smart lighting is the most effective way to ensure you’re only using lights when you absolutely need to.

Smart lighting can work in a number of ways – lights can be activated by sensors when someone enters a room or energy efficient LED lighting can be controlled remotely to allow you to feel confident that you’re not using energy needlessly.

The use of paper towels in bathrooms is incredibly wasteful – with many going straight to landfill or being difficult and carbon intensive to recycle. It’s time to consider investing in a high tech, environmentally friendly hand dryer as an alternative in both staff and public toilets.

The Carbon Trust worked closely with Dyson to make its Dyson Airblade one of the most efficient hand dryers on the market. Using cold air means this product doesn’t require a power hungry heating element to work, making it a staggering 80% more energy efficient than its competitors.

Put the kettle on

If you work in a very small office environment with few staff, you may be using a traditional kettle rather than high tech drinks machine. But with everyone looking for that all important tea or coffee at a different time, our guess is the kettle is never off the boil?

Time to invest in a thermal kettle which can keep water piping hot for up to four hours meaning you’ll reduce your need to boil and, in turn, your energy consumption. Check out these options from Vektra.

Smart tech like the Amazon Echo isn’t just for the home, it can turn your workplace into a smart workplace too. Using Alexa to control your utilities – from lighting to heating, fridges to ovens - can allow you to easily turn them on or off, up or down depending on what you need.

For more insight into how smart technology can change the way businesses think about sustainability, take a look at this article by The Carbon Trust and for more information and helpful hints and tips on how you can run a more environmentally friendly business, visit: