John Kirkcaldy, Senior Partner of Cairnsmill Caravan Park, St Andrews

Cairnsmill Caravan Park in St Andrews is a family run business that has provided holiday goers with a relaxing resort to stay in for over 30 years. With over 270 acres of land and the license to hold 300 vans at one time, the business has expanded considerably from when it first opened - now employing 12 full time and six part time staff to deal with peaks during busy spring and summer seasons.

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Surendra Khandelwal, Finance Director of Aberdeen Laundry Services

Now in its seventh year of operation, Aberdeen Laundry Services ( is a well-established business in the North East of Scotland. An independent commercial laundry and dry cleaning business, the company works with clients in the oil and gas, hospitality and public sectors. Since opening in 2009, it has grown considerably, now employing over 120 people and recently creating a turnover of three and a half million in the last financial year.

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Christine Hossack, BCF Technology, Bellshill

With over thirty years' experience manufacturing and distributing imaging equipment worldwide specifically for the veterinary and animal husbandry industry, BCF Technology Ltd leads the way with its ultrasound and X-ray technology.

Based at Strathclyde Business Park in Bellshill, the company that designs, manufactures and services the Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner and ultrasound protective vision BUGs goggles, is also a trailblazer for energy efficiency.

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Heraghty's Bar

Heraghty's Bar is an institution for its locals, a great place to spend some time where a warm welcome is always assured.

But when that warm welcome started to cost more than the locals were spending, Partricia called the Business Energy Team. At first glance, finding savings on heating and lighting was difficult (no-one wants to spend time in a cold, dark bar), but digging a little deeper it became clear where savings could be made.

The first thing we did was recommend switching all the lights to long-life bulbs, letting Heraghty's keep its bright warm feel, but using a fraction of the energy. Then we moved the bar's contract to one of our monthly Direct Debit offers which reduced the bar's energy costs even more.

Leeanne Scott, McManus and Scott Dentists, Holytown, Motherwell

Leeanne Scott is a principal dentist at McManus and Scott Dentists, with two practices in Holytown and Newarthill. A certified trainer for newly qualified dentists and with 14 years experience working in dentistry Energy plays a key part in running of the clinic - quite simply, without energy, the practice would not function. Leeanne's working day begins with the switch on of the lights and computers, while the heating warms up the surgery to make it a relaxing place for patients. Electricity runs through the practice, powering up the dental chair, drills and the x-ray machines.

One of the McManus and Scott practices already has a business account with ScottishPower. Running smoothly and free from issues, Leeanne has now opted to switch energy supplier at the Holytown practice.

All it took was one phone call to switch supplier. Leeanne found the process unbelievably straightforward, with ScottishPower making sure the switch from her old supplier was effortless and with no loss of power to the dental practice.

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Harry Fairley, Shiels Farm, Larbert

Harry Fairley is an arable farmer and runs the 300 acre Shiels Farm in one of the ScottishPower electricity transmission areas in Larbert, near Falkirk. The Fairley's have been farming in the area for over 250 years, settling at Sheils Farm in the mid 1960s.

At Shiels Farm, ScottishPower is a name that Harry has trust in. Over the years, Harry has had lots of dealings with their advisors,
"they've always been on hand to give advice", says Harry. A few years ago, Harry wanted to install a grain drier that would use a large amount of electricity. "With one call to ScottishPower, an advisor visited our farm and gave me his recommendations on how the grain drier would affect my electricity bills."

Harry said: "The simple fact that I can call ScottishPower and have a chat with an advisor is important for me. Free time is limited on the farm so even being able to grab ten minutes at lunchtime and sit on the laptop to pay my electricity bills on the ScottishPower website is great."

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D8, Design Agency, Glasgow

D8 are a design agency who employ over 30 people across their two UK offices. Each employee's typical 9-5 is spent at their desk working on their computer.

But, and this didn't come to light until D8 spoke to our Business Energy Team, each employee's computer was actually working long after they'd left for the day - 24/7 to be exact.

With our help, D8 were quick to rectify this. They put in place a "clock-off, turn-off" initiative for their staff, encouraging them to shutdown their computer when they were leaving. We then helped limit D8's energy spend by switching them to one of our competitive Fixed Price contracts.