Christine Hossack, BCF Technology, Bellshill

With over thirty years' experience manufacturing and distributing imaging equipment worldwide specifically for the veterinary and animal husbandry industry, BCF Technology Ltd leads the way with its ultrasound and X-ray technology.

Based at Strathclyde Business Park in Bellshill, the company that designs, manufactures and services the Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner and ultrasound protective vision BUGs goggles, is also a trailblazer for energy efficiency.

The collaboration between Resource Efficient Scotland and ScottishPower means that businesses can be given a one-to-one audit to where they can get energy efficiency feedback specific to their own business and line of work. BCF Technology is just one of many companies who have reaped benefits from the advice and support from a Resource Efficient Scotland audit and the priority for ScottishPower and Resource Efficient Scotland is to help SMEs like BCF Technology use energy more efficiently. Through the internal audit, the process highlighted some potential low cost adjustments, for example lagging pipes and valves, something which the technology experts decided to act upon quickly.

Christine Hossack, facility co-ordinator of BCF Technology said, "The Resource Scotland and ScottishPower force has been something that has suited our energy efficiency needs well so far. The Resource Efficient Scotland audit allowed us to highlight some potential low cost adjustments and has allowed us to review other ways we can save on our energy usage. We have also benefited from the information and tools provided by the workshops and webinars facilitated by Resource Efficient Scotland. ScottishPower provides our electricity and supports our needs well, so it’s nice to work with both organisations.

Further to highlighting lagging pipes and valves, the Resource Efficient Scotland auditors identified some larger improvements such as replacing an inefficient heating system in the BCF warehouse with a new Reznor system. This move was so cost effective that it qualified for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. This year, following on from the Resource Efficient Scotland audit, BCF Technology is focusing on refining its waste management system to boost its efficiency.

Christine continued, "The secret of our success is based on listening to our customers and understanding their needs. This allows us to advise each customer individually on the best solution to suit their needs. We feel that we were also given advice and solutions to suit our own needs with help from Resource Efficient Scotland and ScottishPower. The audit that was carried out from Resource Efficient Scotland helped us look specifically at how we could adjust our costs to save in certain areas, while the help of ScottishPower also allowed us to identify areas where we could become more energy efficient. We're looking forward to hearing about their new initiatives and using their advice and expertise to make us more energy efficient in the future."

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