John Kirkcaldy, Senior Partner of Cairnsmill Caravan Park, St Andrews

Cairnsmill Caravan Park in St Andrews is a family run business that has provided holiday goers with a relaxing resort to stay in for over 30 years. With over 270 acres of land and the license to hold 300 vans at one time, the business has expanded considerably from when it first opened – now employing 12 full time and six part time staff to deal with peaks during busy spring and summer seasons.

This business growth, however, brings increased costs on energy bills. Despite thriving, Cairnsmill is always looking for ways to improve on its operational costs and, in particular, methods to help reduce its energy usage.

John Kirkcaldy, Senior Partner of Cairnsmill, said: "Over the years, we've added more facilities to entertain our guests such as an indoor pool, games room and bar area. Although this has improved our offering and gives families more things to do during their stay, it has evidently had an impact on our energy costs."

Helping you use your energy more efficiently is ScottishPower's priority which is why the energy provider has teamed up with Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland to look at your business’s resource efficiency as a whole, something that has been beneficial to Cairnsmill.

"Being energy efficient isn't always easy and sometimes it's difficult to know how to apply tips from energy experts to your own line of work. However, we've always used ScottishPower as our energy provider and know that they're always available for advice on our energy costs. We also regularly keep an eye out on Resource Efficient Scotland's website for seminars to give us tips to improve. We got to the point where we had to look at ways to manage our electricity bills and bring our costs down and their advice was excellent.

"One of the biggest energy outputs for us was the heating of our swimming pool. Before, we had pumps that would work twenty four hours a day to circulate water around the pool, which had a considerable impact on the amount of electricity we used. We therefore replaced these pumps with energy saving invertors that decreased the power at night to reduce heat loss and condensation levels. This has had a positive impact on our energy costs and is just one example of the measures we’ve introduced to become more efficient.

Cairnsmill has been a ScottishPower customer since the company was formed 30 years ago, and John Kirkcaldy has made the most of the energy efficiency advice that is available to all customers via the SME section of the website. Kirkcaldy continued, "Although we now have a better idea of how to maximise our energy for our own work, we still keep an eye on the ScottishPower website so that we know who to call should we need more advice on getting the best energy deal or top tips to use our energy wisely. Green Town is one of the offerings we think we can apply to our business as it provides a tool which is specific for businesses and can highlight ways of saving on your energy bills and waste management."

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