Outdoor pursuits

at Whitelee Windfarm


Families with children


Whitelee Windfarm is a great place for the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors. Our turbine trails are largely traffic free so children can explore with confidence and bikes are welcome!

Planning a family visit? Make sure you read our weather precautions and health and safety information.

Important information

Looking after your health and safety at Whitelee Windfarm

1. Always plan your trip in advance.

When visiting Whitelee we ask that you follow some simple guidelines to ensure your trip is an enjoyable as possible.

As an elevated, exposed site covering a large area, weather conditions can vary greatly and quickly. Make sure you know an accurate weather forecast and that you do not plan to enter the site under adverse conditions. View our detailed weather guidance.

The scale of the windfarm is often not appreciated and the distance between turbines can be vast. Take care to plan your route in advance and ensure you are physically able to undertake and complete it.

It’s also a good idea to let someone know your route and expected completion time.

Finally, we ask that you only use the turbine trails during your visit and avoid accessing the open moorland or areas of blanket bog. Large areas of very wet or soft ground are present and open ditches and drainage channels are common, many of which are hidden by vegetation. Visitors are asked to be aware of these hazards if venturing off surfaced routes. Equestrian users in particular should be aware of the presence of soft ground and hidden ditches.