Change of tenancy for commercial properties

To inform us of Change of Tenancy details for a site, please choose below to download the Half-hourly form or the Non Half-hourly form you should complete and return to us.

Download this form to inform us of a Change of Tenancy.

Please note that all fields are mandatory and that you must include full supply numbers. ScottishPower will be unable to process the Change of Tenancy unless all new tenant details are provided and your business will still be held responsible for payment of that site, if the new tenant information is not received.*

Return the form to either your business’ personal Account Manager or to i&

Alternatively you can call the ScottishPower Business Change of Tenancy team on 0800 074 0062

*You should be aware that, unless the site has to be disconnected ScottishPower will continue to be charged for the standing costs of the supply even if the property is empty and there is no consumption and we will pass the costs on to the responsible party for that site. To ensure that you are not liable for these costs, you need to provide us with details of the person you have sold the site to, or the landlord, to enable us to direct the invoices to them.