ScottishPower has implemented a change to the way that we back bill micro business customers. From January 2012 we implemented the limit of back-bills to 3 years and we are committed to limit this further, to 2 years with effect from January 2013 and to 1 year with effect from January 2014.

We want to ensure our micro-business customers who have done all they can to fulfil their responsibilities pay only for the energy used and are not hit by large back-bills caused by errors or inaccuracies.

Of course to do this we need your help.

Accurate, regular meter readings are the first step to more accurate billing.

Customer responsibilities

When you move into new premises
  • Check thoroughly to see how many meters there are in your premises.
  • Register your details with us straight away if you know that we are the registered supplier to your new premise.
  • Read the meters, and make sure we have your correct name and address for any gas or electricity meters in your premises - it is your responsibility to ensure your energy supplier is informed of your details.
  • If you do not receive any correspondence from an energy supplier, please take steps to find out who your supplier is or to register with a new supplier. This may already be ScottishPower and by calling us we can help you establish this.
  • If you have not registered with a gas or electricity supplier you will have a deemed energy contact with the supplier that was previously supplying your property
  • Any communication from ScottishPower should be opened and read, even if it is addressed to the occupier.
When you move out of a premises

Please help by notifying ScottishPower or your energy supplier by providing meter readings for all of your meters. This will help us to ensure that you are only billed for the energy you have used.

Providing meter readings

Give regular meter readings – ScottishPower along with all other energy suppliers must take all reasonable steps to read the meter at least every two years but registering correct meter readings over the phone or online every time you get a bill will help us bill you accurately.

Enable meter readings – Help us by making sure you provide access to meters in order to conduct readings. This will help to ensure that you receive accurate bills both now and in the future.

If you think you’re paying an incorrect amount

contact us if we supply you as soon as possible. Fixing the problem early on will avoid building up debt that is harder to pay off. If you are not sure if you are paying too much or too little, call or email us and we can help you to understand your energy use.

If you receive a larger than expected bill from ScottishPower

call us straight away – Ask us to talk you through it. We have dedicated Business Energy Team Advisors who will be able to help, for example through allowing you to negotiate repayments you can manage or by offering some useful and practical energy efficiency advice.

If you think we have got it wrong

If you believe this is the case and you cannot resolve your complaint after exhausting all available steps with us as your supplier, you can take your case to the Energy Ombudsman. You can call Consumer Direct for advice about your case at any stage.

Checking with us how frequently you should be billed

If you are not receiving bills as regularly as expected, ensure you contact your supplier as soon as possible. Most customers with ScottishPower are billed every 3 months but this will sometimes be longer or shorter depending on when your account is opened or closed.

Paying for your energy if you dispute a part of your bill

Continue to pay for ongoing consumption and undisputed elements of your bill where all or part of a bill is disputed.

If you think you are due a refund

If you think you are due a refund, please call us on 0800 040 7002. We will review your account and if a refund is due, we will give you the option of receiving the credit straight away or using it to offset future bills or instalments.


Supplier responsibilities

Conducting regular meter readings

ScottishPower as your energy supplier will take all reasonable steps to read your meter on a regular basis, and we will make all reasonable attempts to read it at least every two years.

Making it easy for customers to submit their own readings

ScottishPower as your energy supplier will provide you with information on how you can submit your own meter readings, either online, by post or by phone.

Providing customers with information on how they can help ensure an accurate bill

ScottishPower as your energy supplier will supply you with information on, for example, how to understand your bill and what to do if you believe the bill is inaccurate.

Responding to meter readings provided by customers

ScottishPower as your energy supplier will, when an accurate meter reading is agreed, reflect that reading in your bill.

Working with others to help you out

If you do receive a back-bill for energy that you have used, we will make your payment options clear. If the bill might place you in financial difficulty and you need independent advice or support, ScottishPower will let you know where you can get advice from an external adviser. Where appropriate, we will take this advice into account when dealing with your back-bill.

Letting you know your rights

ScottishPower as your supplier will make every effort to resolve any issue you have with a back-bill through our own internal processes. In cases that have not been resolved in eight weeks or where we feel it cannot resolve your complaint, ScottishPower must inform you of the dispute resolution that is available through the Energy Ombudsman. We will log all customer contacts so that there will be a paper trail of your complaint. Your complaint will be assigned a complaint number which should be quoted on all correspondence.

Treating you fairly when a problem arises

ScottishPower has made a commitment to take into account your circumstances and the facts of your case when dealing with any back-bill issued. These considerations will be reflected in terms offered to you, such as in any repayment plan.

Acting as soon as possible when discovering something unusual about your account

As soon ScottishPower as your supplier discovers that you may be paying the wrong amount for your energy, we will let you know and will seek to ensure you are paying the correct amount. This will include, where appropriate and possible, and contacting you as our customer prior to issuing a back-bill.



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