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Smart meters for business

Smart meters make business sense

Benefits that work for you

Free & simple installation

Smart meters and their installation are completely free.  We have a range of flexible appointment times to suit you, and installation usually only takes around an hour per meter.

Accurate bills

Your smart meter readings are used to calculate your bill which means we won't have to rely on estimates*. More accurate readings will also allow you to forecast costs and manage your energy usage accordingly.

More time back

Automatic meter reads give you one less thing to think about, meaning that you can focus your energy on your business, not on your business's energy.

Monitor your consumption in near real-time

The ScottishPower app and your online account give you access to handy consumption graphs which allow you to view your energy use over time.  You can use your usage patterns to better forecast your costs and help reduce your consumption.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Book installation

You can book your installation using the online booking tool and select a time slot that works for you.  We'll also send you reminders prior to your installation so that you can reschedule your appointment if the time no longer suits.

2. Installation day

On the day of your appointment, the installer will get to work fitting your new meter(s).  This should take approximately 1 hour per meter.

3. Installation complete

When your installation is complete, you'll be able to keep track of your consumption using the ScottishPower app and your online account**.

Our trusted installation partners

Upgrade to a smart meter fitted by our trusted installation partners.

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Book your smart meter appointment today

As part of the Government's national upgrade initiative, we aim to offer all our business customers a smart meter.  If you are a ScottishPower customer and you are interested in getting a smart meter, you can book your installation below.

Frequently asked questions

*There may be times where we are unable to communicate with your meter and we would need to rely on an estimate.

**There may be times where we are unable to connect to your meter and you may lose the ability to track your energy consumption using the ScottishPower app or your online account.