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Our service status

How are our systems performing? We're keeping you informed on how our services and systems are working and how they have performed over the last month. We’ll let you know if there is any planned down time and what this means for you.

Average call wait times

We aim to answer calls in under 3 minutes. Last month our average wait time was  under 3 minutes.

Email response time

Last month we responded to 97% of emails within 48 hours.


We have extended our opening hours and our agents are available from 7am-11pm on webchat.

Smart Prepayment top-up

No known issues for customers who choose to top-up on the app.


No known issues with website availability.


No known issues with app availability.

Need some help?

You can now get in touch with us seven days a week. Chat to us Monday to Sunday, 7am-11pm. If we are unavailable, ask a question and our bot will help you, or view one of our helpful articles.

We’re improving our service everyday

We’ve been working to ensure our customers can get through to us quickly, especially our prepayment (Pay As You Go) customers and our customers with vulnerabilities.

  • Our wait times are now on average below 2 mins
  • Prepayment customers waited on average less than 1 minute for us to answer
  • Recent wait times for our prepayment off supply line has been on average less than 30 seconds
  • Prepayment extra care was on average less than a 1 minute wait

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